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Mozilla files joint amicus brief in support of California net neutrality law

Yesterday, Mozilla joined a coalition of public interest organizations* in submitting an amicus brief to the Ninth Circuit in support of SB 822, California’s net neutrality law. In this case, telecom and cable companies are arguing that California’s law is preempted by federal law. In February of this year, a federal judge dismissed this challenge and held that California can enforce its law. The telecom industry appealed that decision to the 9th Circuit. We are asking the 9th Circuit to find that California has the authority to protect net neutrality.

“Net neutrality preserves the environment that creates room for new businesses and new ideas to emerge and flourish, and where internet users can choose freely the companies, products, and services that they want to interact with and use. In a marketplace where consumers frequently do not have access to more than one internet service provider (ISP), these rules ensure that data is treated equally across the network by gatekeepers. We are committed to restoring the protections people deserve and will continue to fight for net neutrality,” said Amy Keating, Mozilla’s Chief Legal Officer.

*Mozilla is joined on the amicus brief by Access Now, Public Knowledge, New America’s Open Technology Institute and Free Press.