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An Update about Moderators, Administrators, and our new team member

Hey there, fellow Mozillians!

Throughout the years, we have been extremely lucky to have an amazing array of great people joining us and contributing in many various ways. There has been some spam here and there, we’ve had some people getting very emotional and unhappy about various aspects of SUMO or Mozilla, but so far we have had relatively few cases that needed Administrator investigation.

Obviously, all that luck does not mean that interpersonal conflicts on different levels do not happen right now or will not happen in the future. We acknowledge this fact and want to be prepared for such moments, as infrequent as they are. Staying a step ahead of potential problems will help us provide you with a SUMO community experience you all can enjoy and be a part of.

As a team of Administrators, we want to make sure everyone feels safe and empowered to contribute to Mozilla and talk openly about people who are not acting in agreement with the Mozilla-wide Community Participation Guidelines or the SUMO Community Participation Guidelines that are being finalized with your help.

We want to be open, fair and serious about keeping Mozilla diverse, inclusive, and watchful without breaking any of the mutual trust we hold for each other in our community.

For this purpose, we want to present you with a framework for Administrator and Moderator Responsibilities and discuss them with you all. You will find more details and the community discussion in this thread on Discourse.

We also want to inform you about the current list of Administrators and Moderators – and officially introduce (and explain) the addition of a new team member.

The current Moderators are listed on the Forum Moderators group page:

The current Administrators are (as listed on the “Meet the Team” page: Joni, Madalina, Michał, Patrick, Rachel, Roland

We also have a new team member – Foxy McSUMO (Maybe we should change the name? Do you have suggestions? Let us know!):

Who is Foxy McSUMO?

Foxy McSUMO is a persona that represents the whole SUMO Administrator team, without being a single person in particular. You can consider this profile a communication/action tool that each and every member of the SUMO Administrator team can use, after discussing the need to do so with the other Administrators.

Why do we have Foxy McSUMO?

We want to experiment with removing personal bias and communicate some (not all) team projects and decisions without making any one of the Administrators the “go to” person. If you see a post by (or receive any message from) Foxy, it means that we are addressing you as a whole team, not “just” one of us – this should help everyone avoid confusion and/or personal bias in communication.

Please, let us know what you think about the above – and do check the Discourse thread to see more details about Administrator and Moderator responsibilities in 2018.

Thank you for rocking the helpful web!

3 comments on “An Update about Moderators, Administrators, and our new team member”

  1. Mark12547 wrote on

    Unfortunately, one of the meanings of “foxy” is “(chiefly of a woman) sexually attractive.” (See, for example, definition 3 at or the first section of )

    I don’t think you want your readers to get the mental image of an attractive girl every time we see the name Foxy McSUMO like I did when I first saw the name, before I read that it represents the Fox Pack of administrators.

    Unfortunately, you caught me before my first caffeine of the morning so I don’t have a good alternative name handy.

  2. andy wrote on

    Mark, go back to bed.

  3. Jameson wrote on

    When I’m on a Mozilla website and see the word “foxy”, I immediately think of Firefox. Not an attractive woman. There are lots of addons with “foxy” as part of their names.