Tell us about your favorite add-ons for a chance to win one of three Android tablets!

Update: The winners have been chosen!

In 200 words or less, tell us how your favorite Firefox Add-on makes your day more productive, saves you money, or just makes you happy. A special panel of judges will pick 10 finalists, and the AMO community will pick 3 winners. Each winner will receive an Android tablet and be featured on the homepage!

Contest period: April 24, 2012 – June 24, 2012

How to Enter

To enter the contest:

  1. Write a review of your favorite add-on at
  2. Send us a link to it using this form

To get the link to your review, click on “permalink” above your review and copy the URL:

Winner Selection

10 finalists will be selected by a panel of judges on or about July 4, 2012. The community will then select the final three winners based on the following criteria:

  • Is your story compelling?
  • How creative is your use of your favorite add-on?
  • Does your review capture the “spirit” of the AMO community?

Voting will end on or about July 18, 2012, and the winners will be announced on or about August 1, 2012.

Judging Panel

  • Ken Saunders | Mozilla Contributor

Ken has been volunteering for Mozilla since 2005 and is the creator and project manager of Access Firefox. He’s also an Add-ons developer, Mozilla Accessibility steward, and a self-proclaimed add-ons junkie, with 56 add-ons enabled (68 installed).

  • Courtney Charet | Mozilla Contributor

Courtney has been a Persona designer and reviewer for over a year. Her Personas adorn the browsers of hundreds of thousands of Firefox users, who love her sparkly, flowing designs.

  • Jorge Villalobos | Add-ons Developer Relations Lead

Jorge is the Add-ons Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla. He manages the add-ons review team, add-on compatibility, and documentation. You’ll usually find him in his native Costa Rica, glued to his laptop and avoiding sunlight.

  • Matej Novak | Mozilla Scribe

Matej is Mozilla’s resident copywriter and all-around word guy. When he’s not working on a website or campaign, you’ll likely find him in a spirited debate about some obscure point of grammar or style—either with someone else or himself.


Three winners will each receive:

  • One Android tablet
  • AMO homepage feature that includes your name, photo, and story

Fine Print

  • Up to 3 entries per person per account
  • Open worldwide
  • Entry must be written in English
  • Add-on must be compatible with latest desktop version of Firefox at the time of judging
  • AMO-hosted add-ons only
  • Ok to use a previously written review, or edit an existing review. Does not have to be new.

See full contest rules »

779 responses

  1. moe san wrote on :

    Firefox is my most favorite browser. I have using Mozilla Firefox 3 year . I stay in Myanmar (burma).
    My favorite add-on is Net Radio. Internet radio is very soundly to listen burmese language BBC VOA.
    Firefox secure for using internet.

  2. HARINII GOPINATH wrote on :

    i am using Mozilla Firefox since i bought my new PC.Mozilla makes me to browse faster and i get my information faster and favorite add on which i have downloaded currently are net radio,tool bar widget and many more.Mozilla is my favorite search engine and i love it.i take this as an opportunity to thank Mozilla to share my views about it

  3. Hudson Masinde wrote on :

    submit it(foxtab) then i will be grateful

  4. abdulrahman horani wrote on :

    the easy way 2 browse ur net…ever

  5. Lisa soares wrote on :

    FOXTAB add-on is the best!! I haven’t been using it long but I love it!

  6. Benny Ndahepele wrote on :

    I am using Mozilla Firefox I have problem of my PC and friend of One of my friend introduce to me Mozilla Firefox how good it is and faster and the best from there my problem it solved .Mozilla makes me to browse faster and i get my information faster and favorite add on which i have downloaded currently are net radio,tool bar widget and many more.Mozilla is my favorite search engine and i love it.i take this as an opportunity to thank Mozilla to share my views about it

  7. Karen Clark wrote on :

    I actually haven’t discovered as much as I should, but I love the Personas, they make the pages you use, look nice and they have many. I’m also very much liking the different ways to Blog, on Firefox and I love using the Games, too. They are fun, and I do enjoy them, as I’m winding down for the day. I guess what I need to do, is “Get to know Firefox a lot better”, for now that you’ve asked this question from me, I’m not really sure what all is offered, that’s terrible, as I’ve used it for a long while now, and still I’m sure to this day I’m not aware of all the Wonderful Apps, that they have. Note to self: Must get around on Firefox more, and just see what’s offered, and what fun, things I can find to do. I’m guessing there will be many and I’ll like that very much, too.
    My interests are Gemology, so Jewelry is something I think I could “window Shop” a lot, and Blogging, for just the Writer in me , and I’d love one day to Publish a Book I had finished writing, then my Washing Machine was over flowing one day, and it’s ruined, I’ve been writing this, since 1983, too. Sad day there, but it’s alright, the next time I write it, I can fix all that was wrong in the first one:)…
    Thank you for your time, and I will get to know Firefox a lot better, just in case, you know, I win the Tablet.
    Karen Clark

  8. LOHITH PRSAD wrote on :


  9. Akhilesh Cshandra Yadav wrote on :

    I use download status bar. It helps us to manage and download the important texts, audio video etc according our priorities. it issuper.

  10. Pratham wrote on :

    I have all internet browsers downloaded but MOZILLA FIREFOX is the fastest browser in my computer & I was shocked when MOZILLA FIREFOX BRAKED THE SPEED OF GOOGLE CHROME! I Have firefox’s Green lava ADD ONS, it terrific! I LOVE FIREFOX. Only firefox is slow in GMAIL that is why I am giving u responce by GOOGLE CHROME.

  11. mehul wrote on :

    FOXTAB add-on is the best!! I haven’t been using it long but I love it!
    submit it(foxtab) then i will be grateful

  12. Vishal wrote on :

    mozilla firefox was best , fast ,beautifull and easy to use in the world.

  13. habib wrote on :

    firefox is the best

  14. tammy doucet wrote on :

    learning more how to get around on computer with fire fox they seem to fix my mess ups and thsank you for all u do for us

    1. tammy doucet wrote on :

      love the foxadd on really a big help for me love it more than any other add on i ever had

  15. Akhilesh Chandra Yadav wrote on :

    I am using Mozilla firefox from 2003. But at that time i did not know more about add ons. I am using addons from 2010. From that time i am using download status bar to download and manage according to the priorities of audio video etc. I am also using Super start. The download status helps me in several context.
    there are some drawbacks of firefox which i faced as- it does not support free download manager. Any way i feel that it fires in speed and connectivity and support the trueness of the name Firefox..

  16. Vishal Gupta wrote on :

    According to me is the best browser amongst all browser, Mozilla allow me to browse faster & safer than all browser, it takes a sec only to reach at the site on which I hve to go. It’s also provide me to safe my password which i can’t rember all time as i only use my PC so it’s good & awesome browser, no other word I can’t identify to define this browser all i can say that i will use this browser alway’s ……… 🙂

  17. Mukul Kumar wrote on :

    When i have bought PC since i am using Mozilla Firefox , i came first in class and my grand father bought a computer , my big brother take Mozilla Firefox from his friend . We are connected to the net ,we don,t believe it. It is so faster ………………………..

  18. Dato wrote on :

    youtube light off/on i love this addon

  19. nelly wrote on :

    ADD-ONS…. without you, life stops..!

  20. Rami Fudeily wrote on :

    It roks I love evry thing in it .

  21. Daniel wrote on :

    I like the Adblock Plus. If I want to see advertisements, I will look at a search engine or go to Facebook, etc. I do not like seeing ads that do not pertain to me or my family.

  22. Tammy wrote on :

    My favorite add on is NoScript. It adds a good amount of protection against scripts that run on pages. Some of those scripts can be bad news and download viruses and/or spyware to your computer. It’s very easy to adjust which scripts you wish to run on each website. I love it and the protection it provides.

  23. Mohd A. Q. wrote on :

    Firefox it’s a best browser in the net ……..^_^ There are no comments.

  24. Abdullah Khalili wrote on :

    my favorite add-on is the themes but what is use more and like it more is go 2 proxy.
    and I have been using Firefox since version 3 and up to now which 12 its the best browser I have ever seen.I also tasted Google chrome and opera and i faced problems which is not happening here in Firefox.

  25. Mudasir wrote on :

    I am using Firefox for last 8 years and recommend people to use it as default browser and my favorite Add-on is Ad blocker

  26. Dnyaneshwar Raut wrote on :

    “Firebug” is My Favourite Add-ons

  27. Manoj Kodagali wrote on :

    Firefox is my the best browser that i have come across. I am using this browser from past 5 years. My fave addons are
    1) Speed Dial
    I use speed dial very extensively. Its one of the best addon and improves the browsing friendliness. Increases the ease of using the browser.
    2) Fastest Fox
    I also use Fastest fox that enhance the browsing. Searching the related terms and also helps me with lots of suggestions while i am searching for different items online. One of the other best feature is if there are multiple pages then all the pages can be scrolled in one single page.
    3) Thumbnail zoom.
    I use thumbnail zoom addon extensively while browsing Facebook.Rather than clicking on the image and opening it, i just hover on the image to get it displayed on the screen. This helps me to save the time.

  28. indrajith wrote on :

    “I love Firefox” because it is fast and user friendly more over there is a lot of add-ons there and can use that for free

    My favorite Add-on is “Adblock plus” which is used for removing ads that irritates me…

  29. Naing Thu Soe wrote on :

    I like download status bar add-ons because I haven’t see larger download screen after I install this add-ons. I see only small status bar in my browser. Now, I use version 0.9.10. Thank you.

  30. zainshahid wrote on :

    hey my fav browser is firefox ..and my fav add ion is net radio

  31. Maurice Radiro wrote on :

    The name Mozilla “Firefox” explains it all. It is the fastest search engine and safe to use. Its add-on are clear and straight to the point. What else would a person from a developing country like my “Kenya” require? A simple, user friendly and jargon free internet browse for downloading upgrades, viewing latest world developments and news and games without unexpected hang-ups. This has been as a result of the wonderful search engine form Mozilla Firefox that spreads its search like real fire through a dry bush.
    Maurice Radiro.

  32. Ashwani wrote on :

    I love firebug…its my favourite plugin which saves a lot of time and improves my efficiency.

  33. Felix Tanislaus wrote on :

    Mozilla Firefox is the best for me !!! It help me very much to download many document from internet.
    I love MOZILLA FIREFOX very very much ! ! !

  34. Kanishk Singh wrote on :

    I was using Firefox till Google Chrome came out. Then the recent Firefox beta came out. It works on most version of android which chrome doesn’t. Not only this it supports extensions as well. I use phony the most for rendering the desktop version on Android tablet and it’s fast and intuitive. Design is amazing.

  35. Fatma El-Hag wrote on :

    I use all internet browsers downloaded but MOZILLA FIREFOX is the fastest browser in my computer

  36. heruka wrote on :

    my favorit is flagfox…it’s so cool….

  37. Ricky Rosadi wrote on :

    I like Mozilla product. But I which very like Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Mozilla Firefox very faster for use and at most use many people in world. Mozilla Thunderbird help me on use my email, it very easy to use. This makes me practical on write, read, or send my email to everbody. I like Adblock Plus add-on, because this add-on can block every content in every site. This add-on can block Advertisment else. And this add-on is very easy for use. So, I like add-on Adblock Plus. I LIKE THIS add-on… 🙂

    I hope Mozilla can more best again, and I hope Mozilla can to be best product on internet solution. 🙂

  38. rowdy ruffian wrote on :

    i discovered firefox courtesy of PCWorld. 7or8 years ago i got my first desktop.the only internet access available at the time was aol dial up. i chose a subscription to pcw as a gift for some internet purchase.
    they had glowing reviews about mozilla. i hated aol. i downloaded firefox just to see what it was like. the download [via aol dial up ] took 20 to 30 minutes. all of a sudden there was a completely blank screen. except for the address bar and tool bar. i fell in love with firefox instantly. a completely blank screen, no ad’s, no distracting crap, totally unlike aol. i really have no use for an android tablet or any kind of smart phones so i am not trying to enter your contest. i am not even sure how many add ons i have,but i can say my faves are download manager and adblock plus. once again from pc world. no one could pay me to switch my firefox for anything else.

  39. Blackfogcat wrote on :

    Sorry. My english is bad, because i’m from Russia. I like Mozilla Firefox. It’s fast, popular, beautiful and clever. It have many addons. Firefox the best browser for me.

  40. ASHISH wrote on :

    easy youtube video downloader

  41. Hasan Sumon wrote on :

    I love Adblock plus add-on so much that whenever I reinstall my windows and got a fresh Firefox without Adblock plus add-on, inside of me I know there is something missing and it is Adblock plus. My virtual life just got adapted with this add-on. I should mention another fact that using internet in developing countries is not yet that much inexpensive but now I can surf always a page extra because of Adblock Plus. Thanks Firefox and thanks to the developer.

  42. fducer wrote on :

    My favourite addon is DownThemAll it makes my life so easy, just as easy as 1, 2, 3…and you are downloading at full speed..ALWAYS!

  43. Larson Jacob wrote on :

    Love to Rock with Mozilla Firefox and the featured add ons, My favorite add ons are the Enhancer is a convenient add-on mostly for FTP Users, another favorite add on is Facebook Translate helps me to get friends all over the world, other add on is All-in-One Gestures which reduces my work, thanks for All open software developers out there who is creating our favorite add ons.

  44. Sadagoban wrote on :

    Firefox is my favorite default browser always, Here to say about My Top 5 add on’s list

    1.Adblock Plus:
    Feature: Blocks Advertisements, Popups,
    Benefit : Saves my time and limits my data usage by advertisements
    Feature: 3D tab, Multiple options for changing appearance,size,colour and etc.
    Benefit: Easy browsing, Better look for my browser, Flash appearance of tabs.
    3.Last pass:
    Feature: Add site,secure note, fillforms, Uploading enteries to main account,Password generator.
    Benefit: Autofilling of passwords and username, Auto Form fills helps me when creating new accounts, Secure notes helps me to save the notes. No worry about my usename/password anytime and anywhere.
    4.Screen capture Elite:
    Feature: Screen capture options, Hotkeys
    Benefit: Helps me not to save the whole page for a small data which i required from a site. I used the captures to create the portfolio for my blog and presentations.
    5.Save images by lumox:
    Feature: Image downloader,File size filter, Image selection,
    Benefit: Multiple image saving and time saving tool.
    Other than my Top 5, Mainly i use Bookmark tool which is inbuilt with Firefox and its very user friendly.
    For the appearance of Firefox maximum i tried all Themes which is highly rated and downloaded.But nothing changes the performance of brower.. Thats the reason why i stick with Firefox as my favorite.

  45. kamlesh mishra wrote on :

    auto save folder

    quite beneficial for the users for saving the online documents currently open in the browser

  46. danilo arguello (nicaragua) wrote on :

    i´m using firefox since three years, i decided used because call my attention the interface of this brownser,and my favorites addons is video download helper because help me to downloads all the videos that i need of a form very easy and the second one is the adlock plus because helpme for a easy surf on the net

  47. Chit Ko Ko Win wrote on :

    WooH! You are awesome and DownThemAll is one of the best extensions for FireFox that I have ever used.

  48. Kathy Brooks wrote on :

    I only use Firefox.

  49. alireza anbari wrote on :

    I am anbari and i love firefox software because this program contain many of the my needs,
    my add-one is flash video downloder and by that we are very happy,

  50. zhuangyiyou wrote on :

    firefox is verygood for me!! I love everything in it;

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