Tell us about your favorite add-ons for a chance to win one of three Android tablets!

Update: The winners have been chosen!

In 200 words or less, tell us how your favorite Firefox Add-on makes your day more productive, saves you money, or just makes you happy. A special panel of judges will pick 10 finalists, and the AMO community will pick 3 winners. Each winner will receive an Android tablet and be featured on the homepage!

Contest period: April 24, 2012 – June 24, 2012

How to Enter

To enter the contest:

  1. Write a review of your favorite add-on at
  2. Send us a link to it using this form

To get the link to your review, click on “permalink” above your review and copy the URL:

Winner Selection

10 finalists will be selected by a panel of judges on or about July 4, 2012. The community will then select the final three winners based on the following criteria:

  • Is your story compelling?
  • How creative is your use of your favorite add-on?
  • Does your review capture the “spirit” of the AMO community?

Voting will end on or about July 18, 2012, and the winners will be announced on or about August 1, 2012.

Judging Panel

  • Ken Saunders | Mozilla Contributor

Ken has been volunteering for Mozilla since 2005 and is the creator and project manager of Access Firefox. He’s also an Add-ons developer, Mozilla Accessibility steward, and a self-proclaimed add-ons junkie, with 56 add-ons enabled (68 installed).

  • Courtney Charet | Mozilla Contributor

Courtney has been a Persona designer and reviewer for over a year. Her Personas adorn the browsers of hundreds of thousands of Firefox users, who love her sparkly, flowing designs.

  • Jorge Villalobos | Add-ons Developer Relations Lead

Jorge is the Add-ons Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla. He manages the add-ons review team, add-on compatibility, and documentation. You’ll usually find him in his native Costa Rica, glued to his laptop and avoiding sunlight.

  • Matej Novak | Mozilla Scribe

Matej is Mozilla’s resident copywriter and all-around word guy. When he’s not working on a website or campaign, you’ll likely find him in a spirited debate about some obscure point of grammar or style—either with someone else or himself.


Three winners will each receive:

  • One Android tablet
  • AMO homepage feature that includes your name, photo, and story

Fine Print

  • Up to 3 entries per person per account
  • Open worldwide
  • Entry must be written in English
  • Add-on must be compatible with latest desktop version of Firefox at the time of judging
  • AMO-hosted add-ons only
  • Ok to use a previously written review, or edit an existing review. Does not have to be new.

See full contest rules »

779 responses

  1. Charles NSALAMBI wrote on :


  2. randy wrote on :

    I am new with firefox . the adds-on I use is murdick blocker , ghostery

  3. Ruben Rojas wrote on :

    I love the web developer toolbar, is super useful to me when i teach web development with this tool and Firefox web inspector, boths makes me so easy explain html and css in classroom.

  4. peggy oconnor wrote on :

    I love the PERSONAS and the rotating of them. It adds variety and at times amusing interest to my laptop. We all use screen savers or wallpaper to individualize our computers. So it is so noce of Firefox to allow the users to individualize. It also shows the Firefox users how creative people can truly be.

  5. Tom Crochunis wrote on :

    As a writing and literature teacher working with over a hundred students every semester, among all the add-ons that simplify my life, none is such a timesaver as DownThemAll.

    You’d think that those who develop course management software or educational sites would think to make it easy to download more than one file at a time, but you’d be wrong. Only some do this, and even then not always in ways that lend themselves to batch downloading of student project files. And yet it’s exactly this kind of management of files that is essential to my reviewing the work of large numbers of students and writing up feedback whether on or off line.

    DownThemAll is super at what it does, making it easy to tailor how you download, where you file, and every other aspect of managing student work files. I only wish that someone had a comparable system for paper filing…maybe that was an old-school administrative assistant. What I especially love about Firefox is how easy it is to get DownThemAll integrated with my browser. I love being able to use well-designed add-ons without having to make elaborate adjustments to my software.

  6. Patricia wrote on :

    My favourite addon is the imTrenalator. Living in France as we do now this is an excellent addon for day to day life and dealing with the more important aspects of French bureaucracy. It’s easy to use, uses good grammar and in using it, we also learn to use the French language with confidence and clarity.

    1. Patricia wrote on :

      This should read the imTranslator.

  7. Rich wrote on :

    This is stupid. You post a link to post a review, but at that link, I can find NO place to write a review.

    If I click on “Win a tablet”, it just brings me to THIS page again.

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi Rich, to write a review, search for the add-on you want to review on On the add-on’s detail page, scroll down to the Reviews section, and click on the blue Write a Review button on the right hand side. You will get a pop-up form to enter your review. You need an account to write a review, so if you don’t have one or are not logged in, you will be prompted to create an account or log in at this point.

  8. prasad wrote on :

    Youtube Light Switch 0.5 super and very nice

  9. prasad wrote on :

    you tube is super add on

  10. Don wrote on :

    My favorite add on? Has to be Forcastfox. It puts the weather right on my firefox browser where I can see it and get the information I need quickly. Configurable too. Also like Ghostery. Great add on to see who is trying to track you.

  11. Sumon Chowdhury wrote on :

    My favorite Addons is IDM. Thanks mozilla firefox.

  12. Esam wrote on :

    Firebug is the best Firefox plugin in my book. I use it daily and my world as a professional web developer would not be the same without Firebug 😉

  13. Richard wrote on :

    Fireshot is fab for grabbing a screen shot. It can be the whole of a page, part of a page, selected area (user adjustable) and save to clipboard, PDF, edit, email, print. If you need to prove a point then this is the easiest way to grab the proof. Fireshot Pro available extra.

    1. Bill wrote on :

      From what I have read, the free Fireshot only does full screen captures.

      You need Fireshot Pro for all the other features.

      1. FireShot wrote on :

        No, the version from AMO provides all this functionality

  14. Aria wrote on :

    Adblocks,EPUBreader and NetVideoHunter are my favourite.

    1. Sunil Nalluru wrote on :

      Its exactly, ABP – Adblock plus is the best addon for blocking ads

  15. DOSUNMU TAOFEEK ADIO wrote on :

    Firefox is my most favorite browser. i have using Mozilla Firefox 6 year.

  16. Syed Nazmul Huq wrote on :

    WOT, Easy YouTube video downloader, SEO status PageRank/Alexa Toolbar, Firebug

  17. Blaise Clarke wrote on :

    My favorite add-on is Scriptish, probably; fantastic fork of Greasemonkey!

  18. Maria Eloisa Packing wrote on :

    The Skype click to call is my favorite as it’s very easy for me to just click on the number and call through Skype. No need to go back and forth as it is very convenient for me when I make calls for my work.

  19. imma trotta wrote on :

    Io preferisco personas add on

  20. RAJIB SHAOO wrote on :

    i am using firefox and add-ons since long and using it well

  21. tavafia wrote on :

    the best browser i have ever chose.
    my favorite add-on is cocoon its very secure Im from Iran and ican open filter sites like facebook wit it thanks fire fox.<3

  22. Vrittamani S. Bhagavan wrote on :

    The Invisible hand add-on is very useful. I can compare prices across the merchants online and then decide where to buy. This feature saves me a great deal of time and effort.

  23. Faisal Hasan Sondhy wrote on :

    I love using firefox add-ons. they are cool. 🙂

  24. Debbie wrote on :

    My favorite is definitely ‘Morning Coffee’. After initially setting up the website(s) I want to open, all I have to do is click on the icon and boom…..those program(s) open right up! No searching the favorite folder, typing the address or waiting! ‘Morning Coffee’ with my morning coffee is a must have!!

  25. Linda Jones wrote on :

    My favorite ad-on so far is Lastpass. It took a bit for me to get the hang of it, but now it is so simple and time saving!

  26. John wrote on :

    My favorite addon is LastPass. I would be lost without this little gem. It saves all my passwords and links and the best is that if I need to reinstall windows or windows crashes I can always reinstall LastPass and I’m up and running w/o having to worry about digging up passwords and user ID’s. It grabs it for me in an instant.

  27. Javier Bravo wrote on :

    Video Download Helper for me, is the most useful plug-in I’ve had in Firefox. I did save a lot of work to edit small videos which I also do video tutorials. Only missing Spanish language support. This makes the browser more beautiful I know a great Internet experience, go ahead! Firefox, Thank you.

  28. Vivian wrote on :

    I am using Firefox as my home browser and Add-Ons to check everything such as e-mail, facebook to social with my friends, play games and etc. This is the best browser I ever use and it’s secure.

  29. SAMBATH wrote on :

    I love Firefox. it’s easy to use and have many sheet for me. Most of my work i used Firefox and Modern

  30. Naga Sree Kanth J wrote on :

    Addblock Plus makes my web beautiful and clutter less. My number 1 addon on the list. Can’t wait to praise this awesome addon..:)

  31. Darrelle Wilkinson wrote on :

    I have Mozilla Firebox on my computor, I am self taught, and 61yrs, I started in 2003, when we move to Qld, and after selling our house could afford to buy a computor, of course didnt know the first thing about them, until my 15yr old grandson showed me the main things to do, over the years I think i have gotten pretty good, but not as good as the generation that now know welljust about every think, I tried different site for my mail ect, and then started wanting some sort of page that would allow me to just click and go to things i enjoy, would save my password, that sometime cant remember ect, and save all the rigmarole of trying to find the websites, and went onto Mozilla Firefox, I have been using if now for 3yrs, and panic if somethink goes wrong and cannt use it, I can put things on my toolbars like facebook,ancestry, my local newpaper, realestate, and really anythink I like, the Bookmarks have come in very handy for myself and 2 youngest grandchildren whom I look after, for there games, my things that i want to read later on, So thank you so much for the site, and as for a Android Tablet, i havent the faintest idea what that is, but thought i would enter, as it sounds interesting, I think. Thank you again.

  32. ERROL DON PETER wrote on :


  33. Pankaj wrote on :

    the best browser i ever used……,,
    Persona Rotator is best add on for me,,, it makes the working more interesting .Every minute a new Mozilla is in-front of you.

  34. Tejas makwana wrote on :

    Well ! according to me FOXTAB add-on is the best . Earlier i used to write the names of site which i have to use but this add-on enabled me to do so within seconds and it also provides a user friendly and interactive interface between the user and the program . With its themes and coloring options , FOXTAB provides a decent and attractive look to your Mozilla Firefox .i m really happy with fire fox and using for last 6 years

  35. Sonu Sharma wrote on :

    Awesome browser to use everything. Specially add-ons ant video downloader and you tube downloader. Thanks to the developer for sending me the latest updates and tips and uses of browser.
    This is only browser that I used since I use the internet. I recommend to all that use Mozilla.

  36. Adofo BENJAMIN wrote on :

    My favorite add-on is the games and entertainment .I am able to get the best of games I wish to play so easily because of this add-on ,hence it never makes me stay idle when I am free or alone in the home ,but rather fill me with joy and happiness and also enriches my sense of imagination in order to win each of the games I play. It also saves me a lots money that I could have spend , if I had gone to the video-game center and energy that I could have wasted. It also makes me available for any errand or house hold chorce that I am responsible for in the home and for that matter I does them on time ,in order to get seated for my most loving games.As a result of this important add-on, I have gain the best of parental care and affection from my biological parent and the family as a whole . This is how the most important add-on has merrit me recommendation. Thank you.

  37. Behrouz wrote on :

    My fvorite add-on is Themes.I use firefox only because it’s The best browser.

  38. hemant kumar wrote on :

    i am using it best social network.

    1. hemant kumar wrote on : is best social networking. it gives all information about our social is easy and secure website. it gives accurate information of any social service.

  39. Praveen Kumar wrote on :

    I Like Aniweather

  40. Tumek wrote on :

    Image zoom by Jason Adams is my favorite addon on firefox. When I see pictures with small detail that I want to see better, I click right mouse button and then scroll down to see larger image. I can’t imagine firefox without that features and I’m very sad when I use FF without this addon.

  41. ajay wrote on :

    I got up to firefox two years ago and from then i have never thought of using other browsers,simply because it is interactive and the addons are just beyond limit,to be listed the first is the speed fox which really speeds your browsing and downloading speed then is the adblock plus which gives you a pleasant look free from the disgussing adds that often irritates us,then the youtube to mp3 downloader just in a click i get my favorite mp3 ready

  42. Vlad wrote on :

    I can’t live without mozila…i always use Adblock Plus,WebMail Notifier and Download Helper…are very useful for me.Thank you exist!

  43. ajay wrote on :

    i got used to firefox two years ago and from then my only browser is firefox,it is really the best browser ,it provides me its updates regularly,The addons are the most special in firefox and my best addons are
    1.speedfox which enhances my browsing and downloading speed
    2.the adbock which keeps webpage free from adds

  44. Mfon B. Tuta wrote on :

    Guys, my favorite add on is cool previews, its an every-time saver on embedded links, it’s so cool, that i don’t need to keep opening new tabs, just rest my cursor on a link, voila, the page pops up, i do what i want and move on to the next item, a time and click saving add-on guys, thanks for it.

  45. Asim Dangol wrote on :

    I am a Photographer and I have been using Firefox for a long time now, According to my experience.Firefox always has changed with time, and our needs. And may be that’s the reason why Firefox is so Awesome.

    There are a million reason why i love Firefox but one of the major! reason is its add-ons. Since i have to upload most of my images for hosting purpose. Photobucket Uploader does the work. Its totally customizable in terms of managing picture, even novice user can use it .I haven’t found any error so far. And one more thing you don’t get this specific extension on other browsers.

    Life is simple when you have addons

  46. saroj singh wrote on :

    i am using firefox and add-ons since long and using it well

  47. Mohammad wrote on :

    “Proxy list” is my favorite add-on, it’s good add-on for bypass filtering…

  48. amidou alaza wrote on :

    There are many add-ons for mozilla firefox. Among them, my favorite one is download them all. It’s a very powerful download manager that helps me accelerate the download speed of all my files such as videos, films, musics, etc.
    This mozilla add-on helps me save my money because, from now on, I’ll not have to spend my money for buying the very expensive download managers. I’m very satisfied of this mozilla add-on’s use because it is very simple and powerful.
    Now, my own dicision is to inform and senitize people arround me in order to make them use this add-on of firefox and become very fun of mozilla products.

  49. Clewis wrote on :

    “ShareThis” is my favorite FF Add-on. It makes time online more efficient since you can share articles, etc. to email, Evernote, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so many others to chose from! Having been laid off with a few of my peers, this also helps me with my job search since I can send job postings to my email if I’m mobile. I can also share job postings to my peers to help them in their search.

  50. Erwin wrote on :

    There are so many cool addons and it makes it very hard to choose one to review.

    I like bookmarks i really do, but after a while you start gathering so many of them that accessing them actually turns into a challenge. One nice solution to this to use only the icons in the bookmark bar and after a day or two, you notice how easier it is to just use “roomy bookmarks toolbar” instead of the ordinary bookmark toolbar toolbar.

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