Tell us about your favorite add-ons for a chance to win one of three Android tablets!

Update: The winners have been chosen!

In 200 words or less, tell us how your favorite Firefox Add-on makes your day more productive, saves you money, or just makes you happy. A special panel of judges will pick 10 finalists, and the AMO community will pick 3 winners. Each winner will receive an Android tablet and be featured on the homepage!

Contest period: April 24, 2012 – June 24, 2012

How to Enter

To enter the contest:

  1. Write a review of your favorite add-on at
  2. Send us a link to it using this form

To get the link to your review, click on “permalink” above your review and copy the URL:

Winner Selection

10 finalists will be selected by a panel of judges on or about July 4, 2012. The community will then select the final three winners based on the following criteria:

  • Is your story compelling?
  • How creative is your use of your favorite add-on?
  • Does your review capture the “spirit” of the AMO community?

Voting will end on or about July 18, 2012, and the winners will be announced on or about August 1, 2012.

Judging Panel

  • Ken Saunders | Mozilla Contributor

Ken has been volunteering for Mozilla since 2005 and is the creator and project manager of Access Firefox. He’s also an Add-ons developer, Mozilla Accessibility steward, and a self-proclaimed add-ons junkie, with 56 add-ons enabled (68 installed).

  • Courtney Charet | Mozilla Contributor

Courtney has been a Persona designer and reviewer for over a year. Her Personas adorn the browsers of hundreds of thousands of Firefox users, who love her sparkly, flowing designs.

  • Jorge Villalobos | Add-ons Developer Relations Lead

Jorge is the Add-ons Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla. He manages the add-ons review team, add-on compatibility, and documentation. You’ll usually find him in his native Costa Rica, glued to his laptop and avoiding sunlight.

  • Matej Novak | Mozilla Scribe

Matej is Mozilla’s resident copywriter and all-around word guy. When he’s not working on a website or campaign, you’ll likely find him in a spirited debate about some obscure point of grammar or style—either with someone else or himself.


Three winners will each receive:

  • One Android tablet
  • AMO homepage feature that includes your name, photo, and story

Fine Print

  • Up to 3 entries per person per account
  • Open worldwide
  • Entry must be written in English
  • Add-on must be compatible with latest desktop version of Firefox at the time of judging
  • AMO-hosted add-ons only
  • Ok to use a previously written review, or edit an existing review. Does not have to be new.

See full contest rules »

779 responses

  1. ashish wrote on :

    i like the epub reader addon. its awesome to be able to read all my epub books, without heavyweight software. And besides, i can keep track of what i have read, what i have to read, and the interface is so easy and intuitive.

    I read the ‘Dive into Python’ using epub reader only, and i read the hacker magazine in it too. In someways i find it better then any pdf reader – actually mostly because epubs are smaller then pdf files and i can always use the power of the web to do anything with the content i’m reading – i can search for words directly from the browser, edit, bookmark stuff, and email.

    i love this addon.

  2. Hamza Waleed wrote on :

    My Favourite Addon IS FireBug & IDM……..& I Think Words Best,Fastest & Secure Browser Is Mozilla Firefox & Aurora ….

  3. Даниил wrote on :

    К сожалению я буду единственным рускоязычным пользователем среди этих коментариев. По крайней мере мне так кажется.
    Мои избранные дополнения это firebug -он помогает мне в написании кода для моей странички,adblock-избалляющий меня от тонны рекламы и тулбар от крупнейшего в россии поисковика Яндекса,в который в свою очередь содержит кнопки и проверяет обновления используемых мной социальных сетей,и состояние торрентов в utorrent.
    А в целом я с firefox около 5 лет. И хром видимо так и не станет ему заменой=)
    Спасибо разроботчикам дополнений и самого браузера.
    Если переведете этот коментарий я удивлюсь=)

  4. Dr. Sathish wrote on :

    I am using Firefox means only one great add on that is
    Really amazing tool to download movies from the web

  5. میکائیل wrote on :

    پارسی را پاس بداریم
    Net Video Hunter is a good add-ones

  6. Foster wrote on :

    firebug is the best add-ons and thats my favourite

  7. andra wrote on :

    Theres absolutely a lot of add-ons must be installed to my pc, but the most important are idm for downloading, and cheevos for firefox.. the idm really helps me to connect the idm itself through firefox, so it downloads in quick way, word, pics, videos, and moreover !!
    For the cheevos, it puts me like i am having appraisal and praise for what i’ve surfed about in firefox, it knows me well how i use firefox like my own best friend, theres like a challenge to surf by it..
    I find it “enjoy” to surf in firefox by these add-ons, not like others 🙂

  8. rickford somar wrote on :

    Well! according to my idea this tab that called FABTAB is the best .earlier when I used to write the name of site which use often but this add-on enabled me to do so within seconds because of the colorful tabs it produces and it also provides a user friendly and interactive interface between the me and the program . With its themes and coloring options, FABTAB provides a decent and attractive look to your Mozilla Firefox .write now I am using version 12.0 of Mozilla Firefox I really like your programs because it encourages me to use Firefox. Continue to do the good work you guys doing,,,,,,,,

  9. edobi wrote on :

    My best browser choice is Firefox and my favourite add-on is FireShot!

  10. gloria onella wrote on :

    i love ImTranslator..It helped me a lot on my online jobs. Thank you firefox

  11. chokkalingam wrote on :

    mozilla firefoxs add-ons helps a lot of advantage. espacially adblock plus is super. I like Adblock-plus very much.

  12. Renan Mara wrote on :

    My favorite add-ons are the following:
    1 Enigmail for sending encrypted messages
    2. Google Calendar, this helps me track my schedule in my gmail
    3. Firebug helps me on debugging
    4. Lightning, integrated mail calendar
    5. Vtiger Thunderbird Extensions.

    This helps me so much in my everyday life.
    Thank you mozilla for the free addons.

  13. Brijesh Kumar wrote on :

    Well i have installed many add-ons and plugin for my firefox browser. The most I liked the addon is “Last Pass”. It remembers my passwords for my all signing in purposes. Earlier every time when i have to login a website after many days i have to reset the password that makes me uncomfortable. Now i can login in anywhere to any website without remembering any password.

    Luv u firefox.

  14. Raymond Calleja wrote on :

    My favorite add on is lastpass. You can carry all your personal info safely wherever you go.First thing I do after formating pc is download firefox and lastpass addon. The rest follows without extra effort

  15. Alexei Marrero wrote on :

    For me, the best add-on is Scrapbook, because I can save connection time and navigation. This plugin helps me keep organized my browsing, let me keep a copy of the pages I visited on an organized and edit them to maintain the essential content I need. I consider it the best because it also lets me export and import pages in an organized way, to be transferred to another browser or PC.
    I am very happy to have this great add-on on my Firefox browser.
    Thank you very much.

  16. Sadagoban wrote on :

    Firefox is my favorite default browser always, Here to say about My Top 5 add on’s list

    1.Adblock Plus:
    Feature: Blocks Advertisements, Popups,
    Benefit : Saves my time and limits my data usage by advertisements
    Feature: 3D tab, Multiple options for changing appearance,size,colour and etc.
    Benefit: Easy browsing, Better look for my browser, Flash appearance of tabs.
    3.Last pass:
    Feature: Add site,secure note, fillforms, Uploading enteries to main account,Password generator.
    Benefit: Autofilling of passwords and username, Auto Form fills helps me when creating new accounts, Secure notes helps me to save the notes. No worry about my usename/password anytime and anywhere.
    4.Screen capture Elite:
    Feature: Screen capture options, Hotkeys
    Benefit: Helps me not to save the whole page for a small data which i required from a site. I used the captures to create the portfolio for my blog and presentations.
    5.Save images by lumox:
    Feature: Image downloader,File size filter, Image selection,
    Benefit: Multiple image saving and time saving tool.
    Other than my Top 5, Mainly i use Bookmark tool which is inbuilt with Firefox and its very user friendly.
    For the appearance of Firefox maximum i tried all Themes which is highly rated and downloaded.But nothing changes the performance of brower.. Thats the reason why i stick with Firefox as my favorite.

  17. Justin wrote on :

    My favourite Firefox Add-on is NetVideoHunter as i can select what flash video i want to download and makes it an easier process than having to use download managers which clog up computer memory and have lots of ad-ware on them and don’t even capture the video I want on most pages.

  18. Sadagoban wrote on :

    Here to say about My Top 5 add on’s list
    Adblock Plus(Limited my Data usage)
    Foxtab:(Easy & Stylish browsing)
    Last pass:(Stopped hitting my keypad oftenly)
    Screen capture Elite:(User friendly)
    Save images by lumox:(Saves my time)
    Firefox addons saves my time as money.. So of-course i am Happy.

  19. Amanda Allard wrote on :

    My favorite Add-on is Facebook. I can click it and I can go straight to facebook without going through the address bar. It provides a faster way.

  20. Manish wrote on :

    firebug is the best addons

  21. Lauis wrote on :

    I’m using Firefox browser since 2005 and i am really impressed about what its capable of! The best add-on for me is the AdBlock Plus, its really useful for blocking any advert when i dont want to see advert while surfing or reading articles on website. Its also give an option to blocking advert on selected url! But the best experience is, I SURF internet even faster coz its blocking pop advert. Persona add-on make Firefox pleased my eyes while surfing. Thanks Firefox!

  22. Piyush kadam wrote on :

    I like YouTube downloader and personal rotataer ……….

  23. emre wrote on :

    my favorite browser is FIREFOX and DownloadHelper is the favourite add-ons

  24. aliya bachmid wrote on :

    My Favourite Addon IS FireBug & IDM……..& I Think Words Best,Fastest & Secure Browser Is Mozilla Firefox ^_^

  25. suroto wrote on :

    firefox very complete browser so many aplication.

  26. Antony wrote on :

    my favourite adds on application is firebug and video downloader and youtube downloader there is lot of apps is there how to say which is best………

  27. Sudarshan wrote on :

    I think Adblock Plus , NoScript and WOT are the best addons as adblock plus doesn’t show the adds while a website is loading and help firefox to load a website faster. Noscript removes unwanted scripts helping firefox not to be tracked easily and WOT help us in recorganising any website’s privacy and about it’s security towards the users through several rating which are done by many experts…..Hope u agree to this statements

  28. chonalyn dery wrote on :

    my favorite add on is google

  29. satheesh kumar raju wrote on :

    I am a student,i’m using internet often,most useful addon for me is “Im Translator” which is will translate an entire page to what ever language we want and it is providing a real-time dictionary in which, as a student i can learn more rich words in English.This is awesome,Thanks for the Developer,Working nicely.

  30. Alex wrote on :

    My Favorite add-on
    An NoScript!!!!

  31. پوریا pouria wrote on :

    video download helper is the best add on for firefox and i prefer that.

  32. Franklin Timmy wrote on :

    Hi there, well we are all here to say which one is our favorite add-on.
    But before jumping in to that statement I would like to define an “Add-on”

    It mean a “piece of software which enhances another software application and usually cannot be run independently”

    Now we all may have all different favorites for add-on.

    If someone forgets his/her password there is Last pass.
    Adblock Plus,Foxtab,Screen capture Elite and Save images by lumox and every other add-on provides almost the same thing which we can normally do with Firefox too.

    For example: If we use adblock, It generally blocks the popups and such, But this feature is already included in Firefox.
    Screen capture again is the same feature of windows.
    And we don’t require a add-on for that.

    If we press F11 in an opened Firefox it becomes in full screen mode. Minimizing the address bar, option tab etc.
    And just press “printscreen” button on your keyboard.

    And Foxtab that is also not a important add-on according to my opinion,
    Well,I can just use Skins for my Firefox to give a better look and modify it in the color background of my need and requirements.

    The best add-on which I would say is the IDM ie “Internet Download Manager”.
    Why?(This is what you might ask)
    Because here we are surfing the net, finding songs and movies and documents and Pages and software that we would like to download …. But We always want it to be faster.
    Time is money.
    Why we use cab to reach to our office. We need to say time there,that’s why.
    “I am late” that is thought by by everyone. I need to be fast. I want to listen to music, I want to watch a video. I need It to be fast.
    Life is less and I need things to be fast for me.
    That’s why I use IDM. to get things faster In my hands or finger tips.
    I wish Mozilla will try to put their interest on this topic and build up something like IDM.
    I know you can Firefox.

    Happy using Firefox from 2005 and will be using till I am in front of my Pc or Laptop.

    1. Sadagoban wrote on :

      Dear Franklin & Firefox,
      Happy for your review which is pointed on mine.. Describe Add ons? Yaa Its a good reference from Wikipedia.. Here everyone was taking about Firebug as their favorite.. I dont know for what its used for. Preferences are based on individual needs.. IDM is good as you said but you need to remember that downloading facility also available with our Firefox. So your IDM made some sense out of it.???? Whenever i open my firefox my first touch will be on lastpass & followed by foxtab.. I hope many of them here doing the same like me!!!!!!!. My usage of Firefox is different from what you said. So i strongly denied your statement. Firefox team approving the best Addons based on everyone needs and standards. I made my review as per my exposure & how i am adapted to it. More than Amy tsay i am reading all the reviews to learn new ideas. 🙂 Thanks to the team for bringing all of their knowledge here..

  33. priyesh gautam wrote on :

    neon light,facebook toolbar

  34. Sonia wrote on :

    My favorite add-on is Lighting, I can share the calendar with my friends and also in my work. It is very very good aplication!!

  35. Musa Aikeh wrote on :

    i love fractal fiesta that’s my best add-on and it ignites my passion of been in Disney land

  36. Jose Rivera wrote on :

    Mi add on favorito es el Downloadhelper, ya que me facilita mucho el bajar videos de youtube, es una herramienta excelente.

  37. senthil wrote on :

    my favorite add on is adblockplus this saves my bandwidth.. without any disturbance from ads i can freely browse the site that’s great and foxytunes while browsing with the our favorite website & music that transfers in to another world……

  38. Emmanuel wrote on :

    my name is Emmanuel I’m from Nigeria a software engineering student i got to meet Mozilla about three years ago then i was still new to the internet but i have loved the apps so much that i began to recommend it to people in my area but early this year when i began to use MAC OS X which is my first time and first experience in life, i met with AURORA MOZILLA BROWSER on my mac installed and i saw it as an opportunity for me to be more familiarized with Mozilla a very long time application friend.i love Mozilla and its workings.a thousands kisses.

  39. bhargav wrote on :

    fire bugg add on helped me a lot in my work

  40. rehan wrote on :

    my best firfox addon is Flash Video Downloader – Youtube Downloader,very easy to used.Thanks firefox.

  41. alexander hipke wrote on :

    ad block

  42. shakil prodhan wrote on :

    my favorite add-on is youtube video download helper. bcz it amazing 2 me ….. I also like fire fox last 4 years …………firefox is the best browser with its add-ons in the world….It also the faster then any other browser in the world……………………..

    I love firefox very much ……………
    thanxxx a lot of u firefox with a best regards ….

  43. Hasudungan wrote on :

    I love to explore with torrent. I’m looking for torrent add ons. when I have search from my firefox, I found BitTorrent webUI+, and woww…. it’s so amazing. I found what I want. thanks for the add ons. and now when I want to find some torrent file, I just use the torrent toolbar (search tool).

  44. Durgesh wrote on :

    At my first launch in internet I used the IE7 but after that I started to use Mozilla firefox 2005.It was rocking o’er IE7 netscpe and other craps” after that the I bought the mac….It is so costly that everyone cannot afoord it so the moizilla make my work easy to explore ,to learn I am an student my favourite addon is ….”ADD BLOCK PLUS and PERSONAS”
    ADD BLOCK PLUS–makes my work easy and blocks all crap from the websites…..
    PERSONAS–keeps my computer and browser decored……
    Genuinly speaking THE mozilla Firefox is the BESt web Browser than Google CHrome,IE(..or other craps.
    Mozzila UROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Gaurav wrote on :

    I like IDM and avast the Mozilla Firefox is a complete browser itself. i like Mozilla more than other browsers. It is fast and reliable.

  46. David Revie wrote on :

    My favorite add on is last pass, I use it every day it is easy to uses and saves a lot of time and it makes the passwords that are secure and hard to remember, but that is why it is good, I do not have to remember them. I have gone to a site that I had forgotten that I had been to before and when I try to register again the site tells me that my email account has been used before. I then can go to last pass and find an old registration and am able to log in. It keeps these log ins no matter if I use them or forget them. save a lot of frustration

  47. Tom Wood wrote on :

    Forecastfox is my favorite add-on. Several add-ons are very good and useful but Forecastfox is capable of saving a life, maybe your own! The immediately visible area radar, in animation, is priceless. Any weather bureau alerts and emergency advisories are automatically available also. The five day forecast, current temperatures and lots of other information that is right there can be extremely useful for farmers, etc. Forecastfox is a very useful FireFox add-on.


  48. Ed Botsko wrote on :

    I have been reluctant to add many add-ons because they tend to slow things down. With the latest Mozilla Firefox, that problem has disappeared and I’ve added ImTranslator. I have friends all over the world and they often don’t communicate in my languages. It’s very convenient to be able to quickly translate….

  49. Abhay Pokharkar wrote on :

    FoxyTunes :
    Listening songs when working on internet without starting your music player. No need to click on the music player to change the song and do Alt+Tab. But just a click on bottom strip of the addon. Also can do live streaming. Just awesome 🙂
    If given with Firefox and FoxyTunes as OS then also my system is complete.

  50. jake wrote on :

    only adblock

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