Tell us about your favorite add-ons for a chance to win one of three Android tablets!

Update: The winners have been chosen!

In 200 words or less, tell us how your favorite Firefox Add-on makes your day more productive, saves you money, or just makes you happy. A special panel of judges will pick 10 finalists, and the AMO community will pick 3 winners. Each winner will receive an Android tablet and be featured on the homepage!

Contest period: April 24, 2012 – June 24, 2012

How to Enter

To enter the contest:

  1. Write a review of your favorite add-on at
  2. Send us a link to it using this form

To get the link to your review, click on “permalink” above your review and copy the URL:

Winner Selection

10 finalists will be selected by a panel of judges on or about July 4, 2012. The community will then select the final three winners based on the following criteria:

  • Is your story compelling?
  • How creative is your use of your favorite add-on?
  • Does your review capture the “spirit” of the AMO community?

Voting will end on or about July 18, 2012, and the winners will be announced on or about August 1, 2012.

Judging Panel

  • Ken Saunders | Mozilla Contributor

Ken has been volunteering for Mozilla since 2005 and is the creator and project manager of Access Firefox. He’s also an Add-ons developer, Mozilla Accessibility steward, and a self-proclaimed add-ons junkie, with 56 add-ons enabled (68 installed).

  • Courtney Charet | Mozilla Contributor

Courtney has been a Persona designer and reviewer for over a year. Her Personas adorn the browsers of hundreds of thousands of Firefox users, who love her sparkly, flowing designs.

  • Jorge Villalobos | Add-ons Developer Relations Lead

Jorge is the Add-ons Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla. He manages the add-ons review team, add-on compatibility, and documentation. You’ll usually find him in his native Costa Rica, glued to his laptop and avoiding sunlight.

  • Matej Novak | Mozilla Scribe

Matej is Mozilla’s resident copywriter and all-around word guy. When he’s not working on a website or campaign, you’ll likely find him in a spirited debate about some obscure point of grammar or style—either with someone else or himself.


Three winners will each receive:

  • One Android tablet
  • AMO homepage feature that includes your name, photo, and story

Fine Print

  • Up to 3 entries per person per account
  • Open worldwide
  • Entry must be written in English
  • Add-on must be compatible with latest desktop version of Firefox at the time of judging
  • AMO-hosted add-ons only
  • Ok to use a previously written review, or edit an existing review. Does not have to be new.

See full contest rules »

779 responses

  1. Mohammed wrote on :

    I like many Firefox Add-Ons like Firebug, Wot, add-block, BetterPrivacy, DownloadHelper, UploadScreenShot .. Too bad some people do not update and become incomatibles!
    Thank you very much for developers and Firefox

  2. ABRAHIM wrote on :

    I love firebug, it really helps me a lot when I dive in a deep logic of HTML/css code. I love this.

    and thunderbird is no doubt a business solution

  3. Santosh Parate wrote on :


    First of all i would like give thanks to Joe Hewitt, Jan Odvarko, robcee, FirebugWorkingGroup for developing such a useful add-on its really simple and easy to understand and use.It really helpful to all the user those who like to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.I used other developer tools also but firebug is one of the best tool among all, it make work too simple and which ends at to save time and money as well.

  4. K.C Tsui wrote on :

    For me, the best and usefull add-on is adblock plus, it help me a lot in rejecting some pop up windows.

  5. Sasank Srivatsav wrote on :

    I love firefox with the advanced addons. It takes more time to type and click,but in firefox the add ons will generate faster than another web browser,The web browser which does not have any complaints from starting and will not have complaints up to end is Mozilla firefox only.I have not only one favourite add on , i love all add ons.Thanks for the mozilla for introducing such a great browser with additional add ons.

    1. Sasank Srivatsav wrote on :

      Thanks Ken Saunders ,Courtney Charet ,Jorge Villalobos and entire group for developing the Mozilla Firefox

  6. bhavin wrote on :

    mine fav is fireftp.

  7. Kabute wrote on :

    Practically i love using DownloadHelper,,,use it a lot downloading videos in every media possible,it even downloads the flash things and convert it to videos which is very helpful for my projects and everything…I am a typical user of firefox but whenever i use other computers i always install downloadhelper just in case i find something interesting…

  8. palash biswas wrote on :

    My favourit add-on is ad block plus.

  9. Agha Azeem ur Rehman wrote on :

    easy you tube video downloader is the best add-on for me, i used different software for downloading videos but when I came to know about this, I used it and just deleted all software
    I like it because its easy to use, fast & reliable, also saves my time

  10. david wrote on :

    For me, the best and usefull add-on is adblock plus, it help me a lot in rejecting some pop up windows

  11. Ron Stalnaker wrote on :

    QuickFox Notes allowed me to clean up my actual dirty disk top [the one beneath the notebook];

    quick to locate and begin organizing notes. Big plus, no more soggy, unreadable spilled coffee soaked

    piles of mush on the actual desktop;[the one beneath the notebook].

  12. Dude wrote on :

    Adblock plus, it keeps pages clean and objective.

  13. Kenia A. wrote on :

    I would like to thank first of all Firefox for existing you have made my browsing experience the best. I love so many add-ons and its a tough call because there a so many great add-ons out there but I can only choose one , so for me it has to be the InstaFox 2.7.1 add-on, I can use my address bar for what it was meant to be, a search bar. I love this I don’t have to push a button or type in a search engine address I can use my address bar as a search bar with a simple on lettered shortcut (g) for Google and right beside it what I am looking for like for example ” firefoxe’s be st add-ons” which is Instafox 2.7.1 well you get the point; its fast, easy, hassle free, and serves a great purpose. Is that cool or what for anyone who doesn’t have it now I don’t know how you could of said you were surfing the web. This add-on is the web at your fingertips literally no middle man just your address bar doing what it should’ve been doing ages ago.

    Thank you.

  14. Ashish wrote on :

    For me the best would always be stumbleupon…. Just one click and you have finest websites rated by the genuine internet users.. moreover one can browse according to his interests and mood.. and best part is that if you discover anything new you can share it too…

  15. Aamad wrote on :

    my favourite add-ons is stylish Themes . this make my browser beautiful and looks so cool and colorful…these themes are easy to install,now searching on web i am doing with more style with this add-on,its gives true color to my web life

  16. Mansoorkhan wrote on :

  17. Remy Garcia wrote on :

    Well, for me the best add-on is adblock plus, i visit web sites without instrusion of pop-up windows. This is good to concentrate on the essentials of web pages. (sorry for eventual mistakes in my sentences)

  18. stroke333 wrote on :

    IPFuck !
    They said IP address is a personal data…

    Well with this nifty add-on you can surf completely anonymous, with every other site you visit and every time again your IP changes.

  19. Ezekiel Carsella wrote on :

    I love adblock so much since I do alot of website streaming and it makes the process much easier!! Thanks adblock!!

  20. JackDeth wrote on :

    I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I get when I visit websites where the inexperienced web designer has not followed web standards and has programmed their site only to display correctly with Internet Explorer! That is why I absolutely LOVE the IE Tab v2 plugin!! I can now, with a click, display those sites correctly right in Firefox without having to open up the dreaded IE. I just change my page tab into an “IE Tab” so the pages display correctly. Thank God for IE Tab v2 and for Firefox!

    1. JackDeth wrote on :

      Technically, I meant IE Tab version 2. It goes by the name “IE Tab 2”.

  21. annant gupta wrote on :

    I like lastpass1.90.6 and liquidwords 9.11 they are the best addon i like lastpass saves all passwords and have autofill.when i click on autofill a box appear and i give my master password .and then by click autofill i acess all my paswords.liquid word is a good addon it helps me in translation, sharing,searthing, in one click.

  22. khaira jatt wrote on :

    For me, the best and usefull add-on is adblock plus, it help me a lot in rejecting some pop up windows. love thissssss

  23. SENYONGA SWABULI wrote on :

    For me the best is Pearltress because it helps much in organising everything on the web

  24. BINSHAD wrote on :

    I love firebug, it really helps me a lot when I dive in a deep logic of HTML/css code. I love this.

    and thunderbird is no doubt a business solution

  25. Amin wrote on :

    As all of us have known, FIREFOX is the best browser and it’s the fastest and the most secure then Firefox is best tool for saving money. Actually beside the Firefox framework as a platform for add-on, I think all of them (add-ons) are good and reliable and cause ease in many fields in browsing the web. but I think in general the Adblock Plus is the best.

  26. b1cycl3 wrote on :

    My favorite is the firebug plugin, it makes developing Web apps simple and saves a lot of time, which pleases me very much =)

  27. Paul Ukegbu wrote on :

    Mozilla is the best, credit goes to the entire team and the wisdom to create add-on. My favorite add-on is Easy YouTube Downloader, not just it will download the video from YouTube but also capable of giving you file format option to choose where we can place the file either on PC or on our smaller devices.
    It’s awesome.
    Thanks guys.

  28. Anirugu wrote on :

    I love to use Firebug. I have used Firebug autocomplete when I work on a plugin that ‘s functionality are new for me.

  29. Nick wrote on :

    The best add-ons for me, it`s:

    – Adblock Plus
    – No script
    – Print edit
    – FlashGot
    – Flagfox

    This addon really helps me in my work online and in college. Thank you for the Mozilla developers and add-ons authors for their creation:)

  30. WAFULA FRANK OWEN wrote on :

    Im translator-This add on is very amazing. It is vey handful and user-friendly!! I am a K-pop addict and whenever I visit Korean websites, the text written is in Korean text. So, I use this add-on to translate the text on the web page. And now, I enjoyed surfing on the web even the language written is a foreign one.

  31. ADHIYAMAN wrote on :

    True to my heart i use firefox only because of add-ons and it makes to go for firefox.easy youtube video downloader 6.0 and adblock plus 2.0.3 my favouratie add-ons.

  32. ChrisCabral wrote on :

    Last Pass

  33. Abbas wrote on :

    1) in our country the download speed and web page speed are not same also
    web page speed really low. & the fire fox download manager is not match with our downloading speed and do not optimize it. i found that FDM = Free Download Manager is good but firefox do not support ir.
    2)if bottom of the exit button place a large rill that when firefox tab going a lot we open new window on that & change all windows on that and do not open new window.

  34. Jeffrey wrote on :

    I recommend visiting a brand New Flickr page, as there are some cool pictures Celebrating 1.0 release at the above URL.
    You can also visit
    If you are on Facebook,check them out and possibly Join this group at

  35. G. Parthasarathy wrote on :

    Adblock Plus is my favorite add-on. I made Firefox my default browser just because of this add-on alone. Though IE and Chrome had their versions of Adblock they are not as effective as the Firefox add-on. Thanks to Firefox for introducing a concept like add-ons. I also use DownThemAll, WOT, NoScript, IE Tab Plus for a pests free surfing and downloading experience.

  36. Qasim wrote on :

    My Favorite add-on the best one is Adblock Plus, Why? because most websites now use Google Adsense and some people get bothered by their ads, so they just use Adblock Plus to hide the ads and the pops they see from other websites. another thing is it’s really funny you guys ask because technically the most popular ad-on is Adblock Plus #1, Anyway i really recommend everyone to use it to surf the web happily with no advertisement.

    Download link :

    Good luck everyone (*_^)

    1. Qasim wrote on :

      You know what ? I’ve changed my mind about my best add-on 🙂 i think my best add-on so far is


      it had helped me a lot in many websites I’ve visited, some of those websites had poor reputation, so without going inside that website i basically click ignor the warning and go to the site. Most websites i use are trusted like for instance Mozilla, WordPress, and others, if you want to check how this add-on works you have to go here :

      if your using myWot ad-on it’s gonna tell you that this website has poor reputation like this picture

      Excellent reputation :

      Poor reputation :

      So basically you can surf the web safely while your using WOT add-on

      I really recommend this add-on for everyone because it’s gonna help you a lot while you are surfing the web

      Lastly, i would really appreciate if you guys skip my first comment and use this comment instead

      I love Adblock plus but it’s not my #1 add-on even though it’s popular and it’s the #1 add-on but WOT comes first

      Here are my best three Add-ons
      1- WOT
      2- Adblock Plus
      3- FoxTap

      That’s all,

      Good luck to everyone again 🙂

  37. chirag wrote on :

    tab scope

  38. Stan Ward wrote on :

    My favorite add-on, is ‘New Tab Homepage’, whenever I use Firefox on a different computer and it doesn’t have the add-on installed I find it a bit irritating.

  39. Sofia Isaac wrote on :

    pI like the Thunderbird Conversations add-on as it keep tracks of what has been said.

  40. AMIYAPRASAD DASH wrote on :

    i like youtube unblocker add on.

  41. lazharbenjmaa wrote on :


  42. herbie Underwood wrote on :

    I play Fubar but my plug ins dont allow me to see people scroll (People go across the top of the page and u rate them) I can no longer see them because of a plug in, but I updated everything??

  43. Tim wrote on :

    EasyAccent 0.65 makes my day so much easier. Google doesn’t seem to have the capability to use accents on foreign words and with EasyAccent I am able to accent words. I am a student and translator and am constantly writing and searching in Portuguese and sending emails through Gmail which without EasyAccent I couldn’t write properly. Being a translator, my ability to write properly (even though with context most readers could read it) goes a long way towards my reputation. EasyAccent allows me to look professional to clients and others who I must communicate with daily.

  44. Mommel wrote on :


  45. Felix Müller wrote on :

    I think is very useful 🙂

  46. Jan T. wrote on :

    For me, proxtube is the best addon which was developed yet. It just makes it possible for me to listen to all the music I like and watch the videos I want to watch. Thanks to Malte Götz for being awesome.

  47. eliman wrote on :

    personas….because it makes me feel uniqe

  48. Helmi wrote on :

    ProxTube !!
    Feel this disappointment when friends from other countries around want to share their posted favorite YouTube videos with You – and then You have to read: “This video is not available in your country.”
    Aaarrgh – Germany is still a castle in some ways. ProxTube is the fearless knight that gets You out 🙂

  49. mel smith wrote on :

    my favourite addon is the personas because it makes me feel like i have more control and i dont need to stick to a theme that everybody will have.

  50. Lazy Jones wrote on :

    My favorite addon is Bamboo Feed Reader. Beautifully designed, fast as a lightning and what is most important, saves me a lot of time so i don’t have to manually look for the updates.

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