Tell us about your favorite add-ons for a chance to win one of three Android tablets!

Update: The winners have been chosen!

In 200 words or less, tell us how your favorite Firefox Add-on makes your day more productive, saves you money, or just makes you happy. A special panel of judges will pick 10 finalists, and the AMO community will pick 3 winners. Each winner will receive an Android tablet and be featured on the homepage!

Contest period: April 24, 2012 – June 24, 2012

How to Enter

To enter the contest:

  1. Write a review of your favorite add-on at
  2. Send us a link to it using this form

To get the link to your review, click on “permalink” above your review and copy the URL:

Winner Selection

10 finalists will be selected by a panel of judges on or about July 4, 2012. The community will then select the final three winners based on the following criteria:

  • Is your story compelling?
  • How creative is your use of your favorite add-on?
  • Does your review capture the “spirit” of the AMO community?

Voting will end on or about July 18, 2012, and the winners will be announced on or about August 1, 2012.

Judging Panel

  • Ken Saunders | Mozilla Contributor

Ken has been volunteering for Mozilla since 2005 and is the creator and project manager of Access Firefox. He’s also an Add-ons developer, Mozilla Accessibility steward, and a self-proclaimed add-ons junkie, with 56 add-ons enabled (68 installed).

  • Courtney Charet | Mozilla Contributor

Courtney has been a Persona designer and reviewer for over a year. Her Personas adorn the browsers of hundreds of thousands of Firefox users, who love her sparkly, flowing designs.

  • Jorge Villalobos | Add-ons Developer Relations Lead

Jorge is the Add-ons Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla. He manages the add-ons review team, add-on compatibility, and documentation. You’ll usually find him in his native Costa Rica, glued to his laptop and avoiding sunlight.

  • Matej Novak | Mozilla Scribe

Matej is Mozilla’s resident copywriter and all-around word guy. When he’s not working on a website or campaign, you’ll likely find him in a spirited debate about some obscure point of grammar or style—either with someone else or himself.


Three winners will each receive:

  • One Android tablet
  • AMO homepage feature that includes your name, photo, and story

Fine Print

  • Up to 3 entries per person per account
  • Open worldwide
  • Entry must be written in English
  • Add-on must be compatible with latest desktop version of Firefox at the time of judging
  • AMO-hosted add-ons only
  • Ok to use a previously written review, or edit an existing review. Does not have to be new.

See full contest rules »

779 responses

  1. Bora Ugurlu wrote on :

    Firebug – I am a web developer and Firebug is my bread and butter.
    It helps immensely by its console output, HTML browser, and Javascript debugger.

    Not to mention the on-the-fly editing of HTML and CSS.

    I don’t know how we ever lived without this one.

  2. Kamal Farrah wrote on :

    Personally, I like different varities of add-ons. Retro, Abstract or black & White. It gives my laptop like a 70’s feeling everytime I log on. It makes Mozilla Firefox have a cosy texture to the web-Pages which covers all your essentials.

  3. Ken Harold Cruz wrote on :

    We really love the 8 ultimo dark smooth theme for our firefox.. its really cool and changes our browsing experience with firefox from boring to supeeeer exciting….. 😀

  4. Abdullah Rafaqat wrote on :

    like personas……bcz it iz ausome…

  5. gregcwohler wrote on :

    google is the best best web in life life ok in kc mo ok big time ok make it go faster faster some time soon 4 kc mo ok try your best ok 4 us all ok we wood love it ok a lot lot ok i have ben doing goole 4 4 years now the b est in life more more in life on it ok keep it up now 4 kc mo ok from greg ok

  6. Muhammad Talha Arif wrote on :

    easy you tube video downloaded is the best add-on for me, i used different software for downloading videos but when I came to know about this, I used it and just deleted all software
    I like it because its easy to use, fast & reliable, also saves my time.
    As all of us have known, FIREFOX is the best browser and it’s the fastest and the most secure then Firefox is best tool for saving money. Actually beside the Firefox framework as a platform for add-on, I think all of them (add-ons) are good and reliable and cause ease in many fields in browsing the web. but I think in general the Adblock Plus is the best.
    Adblock Plus is my favorite add-on. I made Firefox my default browser just because of this add-on alone. Though IE and Chrome had their versions of Adblock they are not as effective as the Firefox add-on. Thanks to Firefox for introducing a concept like add-ons. I also use DownThemAll, WOT, NoScript, IE Tab Plus for a pests free surfing and downloading experience.

  7. souravc wrote on :

    I love firefox with the advanced addons. It takes more time to type and click,but in firefox the add ons will generate faster than another web browser,The web browser which does not have any complaints from starting and will not have complaints up to end is Mozilla firefox only.I have not only one favourite add on , i love all add ons.The most my favourite bowser is morzilla fire fox .it is super

  8. k.p.gangadharan wrote on :

    my favourite addons is flagefox

  9. Jeszy wrote on :

    My favorite addon is ADblock 🙂

    1. Juang wrote on :

      Me too 😀

  10. Therese wrote on :

    my favorite add on is “Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar” more than practical because i can have almost all my bookmarks in front of me and in a neat way.

  11. Therese wrote on :

    Minimize To Tray revived it is the most practical one and a savior specially when downloading even when your boss is close to you will know NOTHING

  12. Tere wrote on :

    for me, the best is downloadhelper. since the connection in my country is so slow, downloadhelper is so helpfull.

  13. AMIRALI KOKABI wrote on :

    Pixlr is perfect. its as easy as pie.its a basic Photoshop I recommend it to every one that likes editing photos but doesn’t know how to work with a Photoshop such as my self. I even have it on my android.

  14. saisaran reddy wrote on :

    The best thing i’d love about these add-ons is that i got a add-on named ‘PriceBlink – Automatic Price Comparison & Coupons 3.4’.This add-on is amazing that I have to really thank the developers.My shopping experience almost changed.Now there is no need for me to waste more of my time comparing the prices online.To everyone who see my reply….I strongly recomend this add-on for you.

    1. emily wrote on :

      really…..i too love this add-on…

  15. paul dees wrote on :

    in 200 words or less. easy as the firefox plugins are designed to make any job easier and they all work and do what there supposed to do. and that is making life easier on computers so there is no one that is the best as they all excel at there uses. thats why i cant pick a favourite and they all make life that bit an easy life is a happy life thanks for your time. paul.

  16. Oladosu Timothy wrote on :

    Well, according to me FOXTAB add-on is excellent ,i strongly recommend add-on for every user

  17. Brestgerfich wrote on :

    Thanks for this. My favorite add-on is ADblock. Absolutely. 🙂

  18. Diana Slavova wrote on :

    Here are my favorite Must Haves.
    Atlas: Great to have, especially for large instances.
    CritLine: Nice for recording those precious moments of Record Crits.
    DamageMeters: Great for Party/Raid statistics.
    Decursive: Must have addon for any class able to remove rebuffs.
    Felwood Gather: For gathering Whipper Root Tubers and Night Dragons Breath.
    Gatherer: Must have for any gathering professions.
    Scrolling Combat Text: Very cool for Damage/Healing given/taken.

  19. zainab wrote on :

    Facebook toolbar button is the best add-on on mozzilla..firefox…because i can see my all notifications in just one click..instead of opening facebook page .facebook toolbar you rocks!

  20. Leen wrote on :

    Great ip-hider Add on using it daily, So i can see American and overseas websites like HBO and Fox news.
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  21. Juan Esteban Mosquera Jiménez wrote on :

    I love yoono! keeping me conected whit the social sites I love, and the perfil selection is great!!…I go to facebook, gamil, youtube, twitter, G+, and difrents sites whit one click…is fast, and I can review all in seconds, send status to all too…just love it.


  22. Nasif Md. Tanjim wrote on :

    This is the addon everyone should have. Not only does it help me load the webpages faster but also it keeps the annoying ads at bay. Its smart and simple and whats more that its versatile enough to create your own filter preferences. I so love it!

  23. alma vila castañeda wrote on :

    love it so much! very cool and easy to use.. just click and click and that’s it!! glad to have add ons!..

  24. Teresa wrote on :

    I love add-ons but my favourite is ad-block plus. I hate ads so ad-block plus makes browsing so much better.

  25. Sandra wrote on :

    I really like Mozilla a cute little fox playing with a ball. Is fun to see every day makes me laugh.

  26. Sandra wrote on :

    There are to many things to pick JUST I like all add on.

  27. Tushar wrote on :

    AD-block plus and Web filter.AD block plus saves me by restricting useless advertisements pop-ups.Web filter keeps me out of the adult content.Since it also recognize adult pictures so it simply restricts me to enter those sites.These Two are must for me.

  28. Wilson wrote on :

    I like InstantFox, it’s very useful and can be customize. I just love to do research quickly. Moreover, it’s simply to use.

  29. paschal wrote on :

    Well, firstly i wanna thanks firefox for it great achievement in every versions they were made unlike any other browsers, And the new FF13 was super fast like as jet even in slowest connection and i really appreciate for the heavy efforts that put through in every making of their project for the best.

    the add-on are really useful and great as well, as we don’t require to go in long process to get them or get the exact softwares for example let’s says, DownThemAll— it’s a small application which can help the users to download with no tense or worries, as the old browsers or normal browser do only help them download and restart if it’s interrupted, but theis Add-on: DownthemAll- it help in various way according to the feature and characteristic provided like a resume facility, enhancing the download speed against the old browser. and so on. and it’s definitely free as well and if you are willing to contribute then you can go ahead donate for the works they ‘ve done for the world. And too, there are many third parties software available usually which are not free at all like DAP[ premium] this sort of program has a limited access by default if you don’t upgrade them with costs.

    And too the ADD-On like Flashblock- too help get rid of those ads which is unnecessary while browsing, not only that it also help to get better speed while browsing as it block many of the unnecessary contents.

    Finally, the FabTabs:- really is quite impressive outlook and posses a classy way of Tabs, you don’t have to confuse anymore of your various TAbs as it has a unique color identity to easily identify.

    hopefully, FF will more produce add on which would help every users to browser with much satisfaction. Thank you.

  30. jeelanibasha wrote on :

    adblock plus….. simply awesome

  31. bruno wrote on :

    All the FIREFOX WORLD is number ONE – Also when I use MAC is the best one .

  32. jonathan wrote on :

    Facebook toolbar button is the best add-on on mozzilla..firefox…because i can see my all notifications in just one click..instead of opening facebook page .facebook toolbar you rocks!

  33. Marco Q. wrote on :

    I love all of them, Firefox is the best web browser I ever used.

  34. Kev wrote on :

    If this thing keeps crashing my favorite add-on will be Google Chrome.

  35. julius eghaire wrote on :

    I like d antivirus addons

  36. Elizabeth wrote on :

    i like firefox… easy to download…. and easy to understand….its awesome…..

  37. Ken Harold Cruz wrote on :

    the 8 ultimo 1.5 smooth dark theme gives me an out of this world browsing experience.. making me on the mood to go online …:D

  38. ariefaif wrote on :

    I like video download helper, help me download easly in youtube & other video devloper ^^, adzan help me remember praytime

  39. Chris P wrote on :

    I find that all of the add-ons are useful, in their own ways and means. I don’t use all of the add-ons offered by Mozilla, per se, but every single one that I do has it’s purpose. I really like the adblocker, just because I hate spam and useless use of space. I really like the Quick Translator because I like to check out other cultures and learn new languages. All-in-all… Personas are the best. Bringing a mood and light to every feeling I have.

  40. patrick wrote on :

    tough choice it would have to be outwit

  41. Sai raghu vemuri wrote on :

    Easy YouTube Video Downloader 6.0 is my most using addon…
    its usefull to download videos..and i can watch it in any time i want with out broadband connection….

  42. shabin.p.v wrote on :

    i love fifox because very speed browsing google search and add on so many links like facebook,orkut,tweeter…..etc when it is very helpfull in speed downloading.Firfox color and themes are very attractive

  43. Mohammed J Bhuiyan wrote on :

    If I try to download Firefox my computer become stark.

  44. Alan wrote on :

    Omnibar is my favorite and then adblock. Love omnibar because it makes firefox look sleeker along with SILVERMEL 🙂

  45. paul stone wrote on :

    it was great hope i win

  46. Cole Chamberlin wrote on :

    I use way more add-ons than I should (32 in total), but they’re all so great I can’t help myself. I like the ones that clean up the interface and add toolbars that I can toggle on and off. I use the StumbleUpon toolbar to keep my bookmarks so I can hide them when i don’t need them. I also have the TMT toolbar that I can toggle. It hosts my bookmark, history, and download buttons. Vertical Toolbar is an obvious one. I love Toolbar Buttons because it adds hundreds of useful buttons. I also really like UseableHomeButton which makes the home button take me to the homepage of the website I’m on. I love tabs and use Tab Mix Plus, Tab Scope, and Tab Badge for managing them. But my all time favorite add-on is Greasemonkey. I’m just the kind of person that has to have my things tweaked to the very last minuscule feature. That is why I love Firefox so much. I couldn’t use any other browser as my default.

  47. ferdinand a.p wrote on :

    Ada pengalaman tersendiri/spesial dengan add-on bersama fire fox…
    Saya selalu dimintai install Dan saat ini utk e-mail say masih tertahan/blokir Yahoo! /Untuk Adobe flash player selalu ada gangguan. Terima kasih…Ybu.

  48. sham wrote on :

    Firebug is the best revolutionizing web development!

  49. Ranjan Kumar wrote on :

    well, there are numerous add ons which are among my favs…..
    but since i am a netholic my favs are facebook toolbar… vedio download helper..rainbow color tools and ad block plus and web mail notifier…too..

  50. onalenna motladiile wrote on :

    FOXTAB is the best as far as i m concerned it does not require cetificate that might be stop checks all u do is download and acquire what some have not acquired yet,FOXTAB means a lot as to me its like a wealth that can not be equated with certificates its easy and fastly accesible like an F1 racing car if not a concorde

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