Firefox 44 new contributors

With the release of Firefox 44, we are pleased to welcome the 28 developers who contributed their first code change to Firefox in this release, 23 of whom were brand new volunteers! Please join us in thanking each of these diligent and enthusiastic individuals, and take a look at their contributions:

4 responses

  1. James wrote on :

    I wish I could thank them even further if they would help fix a lot of issues with Firefox.
    Especially things mentioned here:
    However thanks and hopefully other things can be fixed.

  2. me wrote on :

    Congratulations !!!
    And thank you very much all !!!

  3. David wrote on :

    Wow, that is fantastic!

  4. Mario Bezani wrote on :

    Great… Kaspersky internet Security is deactivated? Quit Firefox or Kaspersky? (Paid)