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Arjun and Rahid

It brings us great sadness to share with you the recent news about two of our dear Reps we will so fondly remember. Nagarjuna Verma and Rahid Hasan of the Mozilla South Asia community are no longer with us.

Arjun – widely known by his IRC nick, Infinity – was an Indian developer contributor to WebRTC, privacy, a wildlife advocate, and an adventurer-kid at core. He spoke ideas, and helped to improve Mozilla India’s developer engagement and relations. He was recently studying in Amsterdam VU, and living his life to the fullest with friends. We got to know that during one of his adventure outings in Germany last week, he passed away of natural causes.

Arjun – Picture by Mozilla India

Rahid was one of the frontline community leaders, Mobilizer & Mozilla Rep from Bangladesh, with passion for open source and mobile app development. He was also a curious and jolly persona – an all around awesome person. We got the news that during the Eid vacation in his hometown, Rahid passed away in a tragic accident. Reps Council member Emma Irwin wrote a post about Rahid, and I think it is fair to say it sums up the feelings of many of us who were touched by him.


Both passings are extremely sad, for it was not their time. They had so much to contribute to the world, to the society, and to the Web – as they so passionately continued to do. They’ve inspired many Mozillians, and even though we have a heavy heart, we know that their inspiration, legacy and memory will sustain us moving forward.
Thanks to Soumya Deb and the other Reps who helped write this post.

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  1. Ashiqur Rahman Amit wrote on

    Rahid vai one of the best man i have ever seen. Also feeling sorry for Arjun. May ALLAH keep their soul in peace.


  2. Nurunnaby Chowdhury Hasive wrote on

    Rahid one of the best active member of our community. Also very much friendly & good man. Sorry for both Rahid & Arjun. May God keep their soul in peace.


  3. San James wrote on

    Thanks for sharing this information, I may not remember them personally but believe they have offered a worthy service to their communities.

    Globally, we will miss you Rahid and Arjun. As you rest in peace, may the Lord comfort the loved ones that you have left behind and grant them the strength to move forward. Thank you for your outstanding service to the Mozilla and the reps program.

    Sincere thanks to all who helped write this post.


    1. kalidindi wrote on

      yeah. our dearest, and most loved ARJUN is no more with us. He had great thutst for coming out with something new and had lot of co-operation from parents, But ahhhhhh! great GOD had something else for him and took him away from us. May his soul rest in peace.


  4. bc wrote on

    I didn’t personally know Arjun and Rahid, but I wanted to express my sympathies to their friends and especially to their families. Our loss pales in comparison to yours. Please know the world is a better place for having them in it even if for such a short time.


  5. DAV wrote on



  6. Randell Jesup wrote on

    I had the pleasure to interact with Infinity/Arjun in the WebRTC project; he jumped in and wanted to find ways to help, and wrote some tests for us. He also got up at odd hours to take part in our weekly meetings, and was always enthusiastic and looking for ways to contribute. He also promoted Firefox and WebRTC at open-source meetings in India, and I and another member of the team gave him advice and wrote recommendations for him for universities. I was happy to be part of helping him live his dream of doing advanced studies.

    I hadn’t had much contact with him recently (I imagine he was very busy with classes and research, and likely Firefox Community work), but I’m so sorry to hear about what happened.


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