Reps Weekly Call – May 14th 2015

Last Thursday we had our weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.



  • Advocacy Task force
  • Featured Events
  • Council elections results.
  • Help me with my project.

AirMozilla video

Detailed notes

Advocacy Task force

Stacy and Jochai joined the call to hear Reps feedback on two new initiatives: Request for Policy Support & Advocacy Task Forces.

Request for Policy Support

The goal is to enable mozillians to request support for policy in their local countries. Mozillians will be able to collaborate with a Mozilla Rep to submit an issue which is reviewed and acted upon by public policy team.

Prior to rollout, they will develop training for Mozilla Reps.

Advocacy task force

These task forces will be self organized local groups focused on Educating people about open Web issues and Organizing action on regional political issues.

The members will partner with a Mozilla Rep and communicate using the Advocacy Discourse.

You can check the full presentation and send any feedback to and

Featured Events of the week

In this new section we want to talk about some of the events happening this week.

Council elections results

Council elections are over and we have just received the results.

Three seats had to be renewed so the next new council members will be:

On-boarding process will start now and they should be fully integrated in the Council in the coming weeks. More announcements about this will be done in all Rep’s channels.

Help me with my project!

In this new section, the floor is yours to present in 1 minute a project you are working on and ask other Reps for help and support.

If you can’t make the call, you can add your project and a link with more information and we’ll read it for you during the call.

In this occasion we talked about:

  • FSA WoMoz recruitment campaign – Manuela
    • She needs feedback on the project.
  • Mozilla Festival East Africa – Lawrence
    • They need help promoting and getting partners.
  • Marketpulse – Emma
    • She needs help with outreach in Brazil, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Russia, Colombia

More details in the pad.

For next week

Next week Greg will be on this call to talk about Shape of the web project. Please, check the presentation on air mozilla (starting at min. 15), the site and gather all questions you might have.

Amira and the webmaker team will be also next week on the call, check her email on reps-general and gather questions too.

Full raw notes.

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

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