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Council Elections – Know your candidates

Elections for new Reps Council members are just around the corner!


Take a few minutes this weekend to know more (and better) about the candidates:

  • Shahid Ali Farooqui
  • Faisal Aziz
  • Christos Bacharakis
  • Michael Kohler
  • Mohammed Migdadi
  • Irayani Queencyputri (Rara)

Keep reading to know more! 😉

Shahid Ali Farooqui

Shahid is a Community Builder and a FOSS activist. He loves to use and promote FOSS and he’s also part of FOSS promotion drive in India.

Top three issues:

  • Simplified and transparent budget process.
  • Periodic training for Reps.
  • Bridging Council, Mentors and Reps.

Read full detailed answers.

Reps program is the vision of Mozilla, it’s an awesome community spread across globe.

Budget and Swag are two very important components of Reps program. This is one of the ways for reaching people and growing community. Without budget/swag, it will be difficult to add new contributors.

I will try my best to run and improve the program. I am really very very excited.

You can also check more ideas from Shahid on the Reps Call – Elections Special Edition pad.

Shahid’s video.

Faisal Aziz

Faisal is a very much enthusiastic person, fond of technology and open source. Got passion for open web and open technologies, blogger and Author.

Top three issues:

  • Visibility & Transparency.
  • Participation.
  • Grievances.

Read full detailed answers.

Reps are the heart of the Mozilla program. A group of passionate people and leadership program.

Swag attracts people, it make them feel empowered but they should use it with responsibility.

We need to work with contributors who are not reps.

My thought is that we are doing a great job but we have a lot of communication channels so I would like an unified one

You can also check more ideas from Faisal on the Reps Call – Elections Special Edition pad.

Faisal’s video.

Christos Bacharakis

Christos is an Open Source Hacker messing around with everything regarding Free/Open source software. He’s an active member in various global and Greek communities

Top three issues:

  • Feedback/Communication.
  • Engage/empower.
  • Recognition.

Read full detailed answers.

Mozilla Reps is a group of super passionated people. We dedicate a lot of our personal time and we help to shape Mozilla’s mission. I can’t imagine Mozilla without Reps.

Webmaker, Firefox OS or MDN are projects where Reps are a huge component.  I would like to encourage Reps to ‘find their project/place’  – to rally community for this common cause/interest.

If elected it will be a huge personal responsibility not about me being on the leadership page but working hard and doing my best in order to help the council move forward.

I would like to brainstorm with the rest of council in order to identify  – parts of the program that can be torn down – to rebuild.  Sometimes you don’t need dramatic changes. Maybe a small boost can help make things even better.

You can also check more ideas from Christos on the Reps Call – Elections Special Edition pad.

Christos’ video.

Michael Kohler

Michael has been in the program since November 2012, organizing events in Switzerland and building the “Mozilla Switzerland” community. Also, he co-coordinates the general “German-speaking” Community (Switzerland, Germany, Austria).

Top three issues:

  • Transparency.
  • Impact.
  • Recognition/Education.

Read full detailed answers.

Reps are the number one team to build communities in Mozilla. We can do more to be more efficient with more Mozilla teams.

I would like to focus on the re-activation of inactive reps, take application queue down and the growth of overall collaboration within Reps.

I think Reps is a very big family, we can share that with other Mozillians. With our knowledge we can teach Mozillians and empower them, we can work on strengthening the collaboration with extended community.  We need to make sure that as less as possible is covered under NDA, so we can talk with others about opportunity.

You can also check more ideas from Michael on the Reps Call – Elections Special Edition pad.

Michael’s video.

Mohammed Migdadi

Mohammed is a Front-End Engineer graduated with a bachelor degrees in Software Engineering. He’s also Mozilla Jordan Community Leader and Regional Ambassadors lead in Middle east and North Africa.

Top three issues:

  • Improve information on the wiki.
  • FSA improvements.
  • Budget Requests delays.

Read full detailed answers.

We need to grow fast with the support of the Reps. Currently we are growing randomly and that’s bad.

We have to communicate more with FSA’s, help them with everything and orient them to the right way to make sure that they are at the right path.

I would like to work on the strategy of accepting Reps from the same region, beside to the communication between Reps and FSA. As we know, FSA is the new generation of Reps and contributors. 

Transparency is not always good, some decisions have to stay in the council, having a lot of opinions could make the process much longer, time is gold.

You can also check more ideas from Mohammed on the Reps Call – Elections Special Edition pad.

Mohammed’s video.

Irayani Queencyputri (Rara)

Rara is a dentist by profession, a passionate blogger, traveler, and a lifetime Mozillian. She’s also a key contributor in the Indonesian community.

Top three issues:

  • Empowerment.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Local swag.

Read full detailed answers.

Reps are the bunch of craziest and passionated people I’ve ever met. Reps program has a central role in Mozilla, as a platform to strengthened and empower local communities.

We need to strengthen in education and leadership.

We have to be open and increase transparency by creating communication channels to engage with the rest of community and open opportunities about how to contribute in every way.

I want to continue the awesome work from the previous Council, especially in education and training.

You can also check more ideas from Rara on the Reps Call – Elections Special Edition pad.

Rara’s video.

Reps Call – Election Special Edition

You can also watch on Air Mozilla the Special Reps Call with some of the candidates we had yesterday.

Now you know a bit better the candidates, don’t forget to check all videos and if you are a Rep, don’t forget to vote next Monday May 11th (you will get a notification email).

Happy elections! 🙂

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