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8 Years of Reps Program, Celebrating Community Successes!

The Reps program idea was started in 2010 by William Quiviger and Pierros Papadeas, until officially launched and welcoming volunteers onboard as Mozilla Reps in 2011. The Mozilla Reps program aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who want to be official representatives of Mozilla in their region/locale/country. The program provides a framework and a specific set of tools to help Mozillians to organize and/or attend events, recruit and mentor new contributors, document and share activities, and support their local communities better. The Reps program was created to help communities around the world. Community is the backbone of the Mozilla project. As the Mozilla project grows in scope and scale, community needs to be strengthened and empowered accordingly. This is the central aim of the Mozilla Reps program: to empower and to help push responsibility to the edges, in order to help the Mozilla contributor base grow. Nowadays, the Reps are taking a stronger point by becoming the Community Coordinators.

You can learn more about the program here.

Success Stories

Mozilla Reps program proven to be successful to help to identify talents from local communities to contribute to Mozilla projects. Reps also help to run local/international events and helping the campaigns to take place. Some of the campaigns happen in the past, was a collaboration work with other Mozilla teams. These are list of some activities or campaigns which collaborating the Reps program with other Mozilla teams. Until today, we have total 7623 events, 261 active Reps, and 51,635 activities reported on Reps portal.

Historically, the Reps have been supporting major Mozilla products through the whole existence, from the Firefox OS Launch to supporting the latest campaigns. Events that help to promote the launch of new version of Firefox such Firefox 4.0, Firefox Quantum, and every Firefox major release updates. Events that care about users and community such Privacy Month, Aadhar, The Dark Funnel, Techspeakers, Web Compatibility Sprint, Maker Party. Events relate to new product release such Firefox Rocket/Lite and Screenshot Go for South East Asia and India market. Events relate to localization such The Add-on Localization. Events relate to Mozilla’s product such Rust, Webmaker, Firefox OS.

Do You Have More Ideas?

With those many success stories on the past in helping engagement of local communities and helping many different campaigns, Mozilla Reps still looking forward to many different activities and campaigns in future. So, if you have more ideas for campaigns or engagement for local communities, or want to collaborate with Mozilla Reps program to get in touch with local communities, Let’s do it together!

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