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Mozilla Reps in 2020 Berlin All Hands

14 Reps were invited to participate in this year’s All Hands in Berlin.

At the All-Hands Reps learned some easy German words  (Innovationsprozess-swischenstands-schreihungsskizze), did some art (see here X artistic endeavor during a group activity), and learned about cultural differences in communication.

Reps graffiti in Berlin

Of course, it was not all going around, spray painting walls, and trying to understand the German sense of humor. The reps went down to serious Reps business.

To be sure that issues that were relevant to the Reps would be discussed in Berlin, all the invited Reps were asked to fill out a survey. The answers from the survey revealed a series of community issues that limit participation, as well as issues with the infrastructures of the Reps program. Putting together these answers with the themes that the Reps council worked on their OKRs last year,  these issues were prioritized for discussion:

  • campaign and activities,
  • communication between Mozilla and Reps,
  • how to grow and activate communities,
  •  mentors program, onboarding,
  • Reps program’s infrastructure.


So, to discuss how to tackle these issues and how to bring forward the program in 2020 the reps had meetings (lots and lots of meetings).

meetings in all hands

On Tuesday  Reps were divided into small groups to discuss the above-mentioned issues. In every group, they were asked to discuss the current state and to imagine the ideal state for each issue by the end of 2020.

On Wednesday Reps were asked, “are we community coordinators yet?”. We agreed to prioritize the themes we discussed on Tuesday based on the above question and thinking around which one of them can strengthen their role as a community coordinator and, therefore, help to grow healthy communities.

Based on that prioritization two themes emerged as the leading themes for 2020: communication between Mozilla and the reps program and campaign and activities. That, of course, doesn’t mean that the rest of the themes are not equally important. The Reps Council decided to put the focus on the first two while at the same time open the participation for the other themes amongst the Reps.

On  Wednesday the Reps Council met to discuss how to turn the 2 major topics into objectives and key results  of the program in 2020. This conversation is still going and the Reps Council will publish this year’s OKRs soon.


On Thursday all reps discussed the campaigns pipeline and how volunteers can contribute more actively to it.


So, what was the conclusion from this tour-de-force?


more meetings in berlin


Regarding communication, the reps established that there was a  need for more consistent communication and transparency. So that they set this goal to be reached by the end of 2020:


  • By the end of 2020, Reps have all the information about Mozilla’s goals and direction and they have the effective tools and processes to pass that information to their communities.


More in detail this would mean, between other things, that there will be a clear channel of communication for Mozilla to reach reps, consistent communication around Mozilla’s top goals, and the capability to update communities in their own languages. This will require establishing resources dedicated to improving communication.



Reps established that there is a need to have more activities and campaigns in which communities can participate and that these campaigns need to be all in one place (the community portal). The objective is that:


  • By the end of 2020, Reps can suggest activities or campaigns to volunteers at any given time


Reps will also become more active in all the stages of a campaign pipeline, from the ideation to the implementation phase. To this end, communication and information between reps and projects/staff should become simpler.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


On behalf of the Community Development Team

Francesca and Konstantina

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