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Tell the U.S. Congress to Protect Net Neutrality

Over the past several weeks, the principle of Net Neutrality has gained broad, mainstream attention. Already, more than a hundred thousand people have made their voice heard through comments to the Federal Communication Commission  — that voice is even being heard on late night TV.

Now is the time for the Mozilla community to add its voice. Today we’re launching a petition for Americans to ask their Congressperson to support Mozilla’s call for real authority to protect Net Neutrality.  We’ll deliver each signature directly to members of Congress, showing our unified voice to protect the world’s largest public resource.

As of now, the Internet preserves our right to access all lawful content and software without interference. In other words, the Web is a level playing field: you can read, watch, play, browse and share on the same terms as everybody else. Net Neutrality enables that level playing field, but it is under threat. If we stand by and do nothing, the Internet could become increasingly closed, centrally controlled and designed to serve the few instead of the many.

It’s up to U.S. Congress through its oversight authority to make sure the FCC adopts rules to keep the Internet accessible to everyone. Mozilla already submitted a request asking the FCC to modernize its understanding of Internet access services and enact its real authority to maintain Net Neutrality.  The FCC has since presented Mozilla’s proposal for comment, which is an important step, but we need to make our voices heard to ensure Congress follows through.

To have the biggest impact, Members of Congress need to hear directly from their constituents in the U.S. Please sign the petition to help Mozilla protect Net Neutrality and ensure openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web. If you are Mozillian outside of the U.S., please share this with your friends in the U.S.

Let’s stand together to let Congress know that the Mozilla community is watching. It’s time to protect the free and open Web. It’s time for real Net Neutrality. Sign the petition today.

3 comments on “Tell the U.S. Congress to Protect Net Neutrality”

  1. Alexander Stanton wrote on

    Keep the Internet a level playing field.

  2. dannyj wrote on

    Keeping the Internet free means keeping the FCC and any governments OUT of the Internet regulating business.

  3. Corey wrote on

    “What we risk doing by ramping up the government’s regulatory authority over the Internet is to make it easier for the government to pressure ISPs, many of which are data custodians, to get what they want…”