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A Step Forward for Net Neutrality in the U.S.

We’re thrilled to see the D.C. Circuit Court upholding the FCC’s historic net neutrality order, and the agency’s authority to continue to protect Internet users and businesses from throttling and blocking. Protecting openness and innovation is at the core of Mozilla’s mission. Net neutrality supports a level playing field, critical to ensuring a healthy, innovative, and open Web.

Leading up to this ruling Mozilla filed a joint amicus brief with CCIA supporting the order, and engaged extensively in the FCC proceedings. We filed a written petition, provided formal comments along the way, and engaged our community with a petition to Congress. Mozilla also organized global teach-ins and a day of action, and co-authored a letter to the President.

We’re glad to see this development and we remain steadfast in our position that net neutrality is a critical factor to ensuring the Internet is open and accessible. Mozilla is committed to continuing to advocate for net neutrality principles around the world.