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Is a tablet a big phone or a small computer?

We’ve been hearing some people say “it’s light weight so I carry it around all the time” and others say “I use it to read magazines on the couch”.  We want to hear how you use your tablet.

How do you think of your tablet?

  • As a phone with a bigger screen?
  • As a computer with a smaller screen?

Where do you regularly keep it?

  • On your coffee table?
  • In your cargo pants pocket?
  • In your purse or your bag?
  • On your desk?
  • On your nightstand next to your bed?

When do you use it?

  • When you’re on the couch?
  • When you’re on the train?

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2 comments on “Is a tablet a big phone or a small computer?”

  1. Sandy wrote on

    I think it as a phone you can’t use it like a computer: editing there is no way to hook into it with other platforms. you cant install a game you’ve had for yrs. you have to get some one else or try to find an up grade which isn’t always there. and I dont think the visual is their either their is something about seeing it on a big screen clearly that just takes your breath away. but for the most part if you want to lay on the couch and read its fine just like talking on the phone while your sitting up or laying down. lol

  2. malexis wrote on

    One of the rare instances where I agree with Steve Jobs is that I think 7″ tablets are kind of silly. Those are definitely big phones IMO. I don’t see how anyone with a smartphone would want or need one.