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Meet Cori Schauer – our newest researcher

Cori is a senior user experience researcher at Mozilla. She has 13 years of experience working for various clients and sectors. Prior to Mozilla, Cori was an ethnographer for the Human Space Flight program at NASA. Cori is a pragmatist, and believes in making research accessible and actionable. She uses design research methods to uncover issues, identify opportunities, start conversations, create consensus, and build the right solutions. Cori has a BA in Professional Writing, English, and Cultural Anthropology and a Masters of Design in Communication Planning and Information Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

We are so excited to have Cori join our team.  She’ll be working on Firefox Desktop related research projects.  We only expect great things to come from her. :)  Welcome Cori!


3 comments on “Meet Cori Schauer – our newest researcher”

  1. Asa Dotzler wrote on

    I am thrilled we convinced Cori to join Mozilla. She’s going to help us understand so much more about our users and how they interact with Firefox.

  2. Ken Saunders wrote on

    Welcome Cori!

  3. Brian Groudan wrote on

    Another CMU alum! I’m going to feel right at home this summer :)