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Meet Maria – our newest UX designer

Maria just started with us on Monday and we’re excited to have her.  She’s a mobile interaction designer who will be working on Apps and Boot2Gecko.  She has been a long-time fan of Mozilla.  She says, “I’m excited to join because there is so much room for innovation in design and technology here.  I love that Mozilla is looking out for people, not profit. The digital world needs more “good-guy” companies, and I’m really looking forward to being part of one.”  Give Maria a warm welcome!


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  2. cranberryrose55 wrote on

    Hi Maria,
    Since I am non-geeky and you are fortunate enough to design, may I request you visit this site?–

    At this site, people post to try to bring features that made Mozilla Firefox a more user friendly browser and gives directions on how to place those helpful features back into the newer versions 4-11. What would be innovative would be that Mozilla would stop doing one flavor suits all downloads, but instead, have a questionnaire that loads first, when a download would run the program before it loads, customizing it, which would personalize to match the add-ons, the needs and desires of the user. No more one-size fits all.

    As a UX designer doesn’t work on designs just to please a user, but “has an added focus on a creatively lead brand experience as opposed to an approach based solely on solid usability principles and the organization of information..”*, I believe tailoring is a way to have both: a lead brand and the completely satisfied user.
    Best wishes to a great future, cranberryrose55

  3. unicorn wrote on

    I Wish 4 ” U ” I Wish 4 ” U ”
    Great start 4 Monday
    No Obstacles 4 Tuesday
    No stress 4 Wednesday
    No worry 4 Thursday
    Smile 4 Friday
    Party 4 Saturday
    & Great fun 4 Sunday

    Welcome and Best Wishes!