Highlights from Cyd Harrell talk at BayCHI

Cyd Harrell, formerly VP of Research for Bolt|Peters, gave a great talk on Fearless Mobile Research at January’s BayCHI monthly meeting. For those of us in the San Francisco Bay Area, BayCHI is a terrific resource for UX knowledge and networking.

Harrell’s talk focused on tools and tips that could help practitioners perform better research– either on mobile apps or with mobile devices. Most of the the tools required iOS; I hope we’ll see similar products developed for Android soon.

The highlights:

  • UX Recorder: an iOS app that records on-screen activity and gestures along with video from the front facing camera (and audio). It is intended to replace a document camera for recording user testing sessions of mobile Web sites. This looks like a good option for those of us testing mobile Web sites (you can’t use it to test apps).
  • Delight: records iOS app screens and gestures, which are then uploaded to a server for viewing and sharing
  • Post-its: Harrell notes that they are almost the exact width of the phone, making them great tools for paper prototyping.
  • dScout: an iOS and Android app that allows you to send your participants on “missions,” which can include such traditional activities as journaling. dScout has software to both design these missions and monitor and analyze the data from them.
  • Blurb Mobile: participants with iOS can use Blurb Mobile to sequence captured video and photos, creating rich stories.

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  1. Anna Kitowska wrote on

    Mobile app looks very interesting, it is really important to run the website screen capture also on mobile phones these days.