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Upcoming Elections – October 2014


Intro to Elections

The Mozilla Reps program has been a volunteer driven program since day 1. In that spirit the core governing body of the program, the Council, was designed to be an elected body with new members chosen by all Reps every six months.

More background about the history of the Council and its structure can be found here and here and you can find a visualization of the composition and detailed information about the elections process.

The time has come for a new round of elections and this time 4 positions need to be filled. Nikos , Majda, Guillermo and Sayak are reaching the end of their 12-month terms and their seats need to be replaced for another 12-month term.

Nominations are open as of today for Mozilla Reps mentors that are eligible (see criteria)


  • October 3 : call for candidates (eligible Mozilla Reps Mentors only) – call closes on October 9
  • October 10 : start of campaign period
    • candidates are given 7 days to answer 10 questions
    • candidates are given 7 days to publish a 30-120 second campaign video
  • October 17 : campaign ends
    • Reps are encouraged to read through candidate replies and watch their videos during the week
  • October 18: voting by all Reps who are eligible to vote begins – (voting closes after 72 hours)
  • October 21: new elected members are announced and their term begins

This is an exciting time for the Reps program and our role as Reps to help Mozilla build a better web has never been as critical. Thank you all for being part of this!

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