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Reps of the Month: October 2014

October has been an amazing month full of a lot of activities from our fellow Reps. For that reason this month we have two Reps of the month, congratulations!

Robert Sayles

Robbie has been leading volunteers at MozFest for the second year, he is the personification of what Reps can do, be and influence. Robbie was one of the hardest working Reps at MozFest. His help at MozFest was above and beyond, there were about 50% less volunteers than expected and he was obviously on top of that, with a smile – always.

Jefferson Duran

While we had a lot of Reps attending MozFest in London this year, there were others doing an amazing work on their home countries as well. During September and October, Jeff has been traveling around Colombia hosting webmaker parties non-stop. It’s just amazing the amount of work that he has been putting into making this happen to teach students and people around his country how to be a Maker.

Don’t forget to congratulate them on Discourse!

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  1. Ioana Chiorean ( wrote on

    Congrats guys!


    1. Jeff Durán wrote on

      thanks 🙂


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