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Mozilla speaks out on French intelligence bill

Since Snowden, we have seen increasing government conversations about the appropriate limits of surveillance; Some states have sought to restrict their own access to information and others have focused on restricting access from other governments. Generally, we like this focus … Read more

Designing Tiles for Trust

In August, I wrote about why we believe that trust is the most important currency of the Web. As I explained then, putting the user first, through transparency, choice and control is the only way to bring about the Web … Read more

User Data & You: Privacy for Programmers

This was originally posted as a guest post on January 31t 2014. Since then, it has been requested that I post under my own name. Introduction I am a Firefox Engineer at Mozilla. I have worked on Desktop Firefox, Firefox … Read more

Response to President Obama’s Speech on Surveillance

Expansive government surveillance practices have severely damaged the health of the open Internet, creating calls for change from diverse organizations around the world along with hundreds of thousands of Internet users. President Obama’s speech on surveillance reform provided the first … Read more