Articles by Michael Johnson

Route Four: Dino 2.0

Comments from the first round on ‘The Eye’ route confirmed a suspicion that the typography might suggest something we didn’t intend, so first we looked at ways to make this creature more approachable.   The, we took a step back … Read more

Route Three: Burst

This route has stemmed from two trains of thought – firstly a new narrative direction where we have been actively considering Mozilla’s role in recording and advancing the health of the Internet. Visually we’ve been investigating data-led ideas and classic … Read more

Route Two: Flame

This is a completely new direction. Whilst rooted in the ethos of the ‘Pioneer’ thinking it also crosses over into the ‘Taking a stand’ narratives. We started to think that a flame could be a powerful symbol of Mozilla’s determination … Read more

Route One: Protocol 2.0

Protocol is a strong contender from the first round of ideas that we’ve continued to work on and improve. By putting the internet http:// protocol directly into the word – Moz://a – it creates a type-able word mark, and by … Read more

And then there were five

It’s been a little quiet around here for a week or so because we’ve had our heads down agreeing the final verbal themes for the Mozilla brand project. Six weeks ago we shared our initial seven themes, and then took … Read more

Designing in the Open

We’ve been talking to the famous global non-profit Mozilla about their brand and how it could adapt and evolve. Now that’s not much of a shock – brand consultancy talks to potential client about new project? There’s nothing new to … Read more