Greg Mierzwinski [:sparky]

I’m Greg Mierzwinski ([:sparky] on Riot), and I am a Performance Test Engineer working on the Performance Testing (perftest) team led by Dave Hunt. I work on various components, but my primary focus is in test harness related work, continuous integration and automation of performance tests, and data analysis. My most recent work includes helping build the metrics aspect of a new generic performance testing framework, migrating our existing page load performance tests to Browsertime, and building a new tool to help analyze our data (perftest-notebook).

With the open-source nature of work at Mozilla, we’re in a unique position that lets us get highly involved with the community. Because of this, I also have the fantastic opportunity to mentor many of these contributors that come from Codetribute (Raptor, Talos, Performance) and other avenues. Feel free to reach out on Riot in #perftest if you’re looking to hack on some Mozilla code! We have multiple projects that people can work on and you can find some of these listed in our Wiki. If you’re a student, this is an excellent way to start getting your feet wet in working with large code bases and improving your coding skills.

A spring flower, the Trout Lily, from Quebec, Canada. They take years to form flowers, and have a synergistic relationship with ants.

Outside of work, my primary interest is probably horticulture, or anything involving plants. But on my free time, I mostly use my expertise in image processing to conduct research on fundamental physiological aspects of the human brain, with a focus on the visual cortex and vasculature, using electroencephalograpy (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and eye tracking (to name a few). You can find research that I’ve been involved with here.

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