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Papercuts: Round Two

Almost three years ago, we hosted a session here on Reddit where you got to tell us everything that annoyed you about Firefox 3.6. This led to an effort at Mozilla called “Papercuts” (see the blog post and slides). We got over 2000 comments back then, and we’d like to hear from you again!

What we’re after is the “paper cuts”, the stuff that gets in the way or annoys you about Firefox on a daily basis, and that we could help get prioritized.

So please, head over to Reddit, and tell us about your pet peeves!

2 comments on “Papercuts: Round Two”

  1. Michael wrote on

    It’s a good idea, but can you actually get things prioritised?

    Maybe my expectations were too high (and I know bug counts aren’t everything), but there are 152 bugs on the list from papercuts round one, and 48 of them have got to be fixed since then.

    I haven’t tried browsing through the bugs again, but when I was lamenting this a couple of years ago in a blog comment somewhere, I found around half of the papercut bugs that got fixed were already being worked on before they got onto the paper cut list. Of course it’s nice that any bugs got fixed as a result, but it would be nice if more could be…

    1. bwinton wrote on

      Well, I’m not in charge of prioritising development work, so we’ll have to see. :) I can say that one of the ongoing projects User Experience has this year is called “State of Good Repair”, and I’ve been talking to people in Support and some Front-End developers who seem solidly behind the project.

      One of the problems with many of the bugs left from the last list is that they’re very hard either technically (like Flash stealing the close tab keys), or design-wise (like moving preferences into the content pane). Still, to properly prioritize what to work on, we need to figure out what the various things are, right?

      (And being an open source project I’m obligated to say “if you’ld like to help increase the number of fixed bugs, I’ll be more than happy to help you!” :)