India Firefox OS User Research

India Photo

Bangle shop & mobile phone break in Jaipur, India. (Photos by Gemma Petrie)

This research was led by Cori Schauer & Gemma Petrie.

Last month, Mozilla traveled to India to conduct user research on mobile usage. We are grateful to our talented research partners Dear and Tazurba International for their expert local knowledge, to the amazing Delhi and Rajasthani Mozilla communities who provided critical logistics and translation support, and to the many Mozilla staff members that took time out of their busy personal and professional lives to join us in the beautiful (and blazing hot!) Indian summer.

Field Team

The Mozilla User Research team believes it is important to bring a wide variety of colleagues into the field with us for research. We know that first-hand experience does more to build empathy and understanding than a presentation ever will. This trip marked our largest field team to date and included:

  • Jared Cole, Design Strategist
  • Francis Djabri, FxOS UX Designer
  • Peter Dolanjski, FxOS Product Manager
  • Sandip Kamat, FxOS Product Manager
  • Bruce Huang, FxOS Product Manager
  • Juwei Huang, FxOS UX Designer
  • Elizabeth Hunt, Marketplace UX Designer
  • Jane Hsu, FxOS Go-To-Market Strategy/Partnerships
  • Rina Jensen, Content Strategist
  • Amy Lee, FxOS Visual Designer
  • Peiying Mo, L10N Program Manager
  • Arky, L10N & Community Rep
  • Rob Rayborn, User Advocacy
India 2

The mausoleum of Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi & a colorful truck on a Rajasthani highway. (Photos by Gemma Petrie)

Research Plan

We aimed to answer the following questions with our research:

  •     Who are the people in our target market(s) in India?
  •     What motivates someone to purchase a mobile device?
  •     What can Mozilla enable people to do with a Firefox OS device?
  •     How can Mozilla make a difference?

India is a vast and varied country and it was difficult to design a research approach that would cover multiple regions with adequate depth in the time we had available. We decided early on to focus this initial phase of our India research program in the north, specifically in Delhi, rural Rajasthan, and Jaipur.

This research used a variety of methodologies to gather data. We conducted one-on-one interviews in Delhi and Jaipur and worked with community members and local researchers to meet with local families, shopkeepers, and visit rural villages. In addition, we also conducted informal ethnographic observation during our two weeks in India.

India 3

Pre-loaded content & mobile usage in rural Rajasthan (Photos by Gemma Petrie)

Ethnographic Observation

One of our primary goals was to immerse our field team in Indian daily life and culture. Our large group and broad geographic research area presented some initial challenges during our planning stage. We made the decision to engage dscout to bring some order to our data collection and help field team members that were new to research think about how to capture and analyze their experiences.

We split each day into two modules with different themes like phone stores, mobile content, or family. We then divided our field team into small groups, accompanied by Mozilla community members, to explore different areas. Each group added photos, videos, and answers to a few short questions to dscout, allowing us to quickly gather a large amount of structured information on each theme. This data, combined with our team’s first-hand field experiences, provided a valuable contextual foundation for our research.

Mobile Open Houses

We conducted one-on-one interviews with 55 recruited participants at “Open House” events in Delhi and Jaipur. The interviews were split into four main topic areas: Current phone and technology usage, phone purchasing process, mobile content, and Firefox OS device user testing.

We’ll be sharing our findings from the Open Houses and our other research activities soon. Stay tuned!

4 comments on “India Firefox OS User Research”

  1. Dipesh Monga` wrote on

    It was a great experience working with the Research team :)

  2. Manisha wrote on

    Looking forward to reading the findings of the research.
    What would be even better is if you can share what product or product changes you did based on the findings if you can share such info.

  3. Abhishek Mandloi wrote on

    Never thought FF team would actually travel and research for mobile behavior in India, which is quite different than rest of the world. This takes significant investment and the exercise clearly shows how serious and passionate FF team is for their work.

    Proud to use Firefox browser and can’t wait for OS.

  4. xeon zolt wrote on

    let me put my views as an indian
    according to me most people in india want phone for avoiding the extra expense of money
    like it will have a camera ,regular mobile , radio ,music player, a portable video player , internet on the go,
    and the free messaging via internet growing more popularly in india (via facebook whatsapp hike teligram like apps)
    and then being indians we always find the cheapest and the best
    after that we want it to look good cause its taken as style statement in society
    and for my type people we want it open source to develope and modify it according to our needs like android
    and i belive firefox has the potential to do it
    but i think it can fail as in india most people dont use fast internet and most of ffos is based on web only