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Mozilla Reps in 2014

2014 has been an amazing year for the Mozilla Reps program, full of work, passion and awesome stories.

More than 450 Reps have been working hard to push the Mozilla mission and values around 90 countries in the world.


One of the main tools are events. This year Reps organized or attended more than 1400 events in 97 different countries.

Impressed? Well, let me tell you that just on events organized directly by Reps we reached more than 134 000 attendees!

And the most popular event categories this year? Firefox OS, Students and Webmaker.

Reps work has been crucial to move Mozilla goals this year. Reps have been there at FOSDEM, MWC, Mozfest and many other big events where Mozilla took a key role.

Also, Reps have been in charge of most Firefox OS Launches in 15 new countries (Chile, India, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Panamá, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Macedonia, Czech Republic , France, Australia, Costa Rica, Philippines, Russia and Japan) and also the Firefox 10th anniversary events around the world.

This year also there has been a lot of changes and challenges in the program, some of them:

  • We have on boarded a lot of new mentors (currently 56).
  • Started the Reps Weekly Calls (where you are invited each Thursday).
  • Created this blog with the latest program announcements.
  • Opened new discussion forums.
  • Had an amazing and productive ReMo Camp in Berlin.
  • Invested more in accountability, participation, leadership and education.

What was your best moment as Rep in 2014?

Where do you want the program to go next year?


We don’t want to end the year without saying THANKS to everyone that makes the Reps program possible, specially our beloved mentors, Council and stunning Reps of the month.


Do you want to follow what Reps are doing? Check our portal, twitter, Facebook page, air mozilla channel and discussion forums.

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