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Rep of the month: December 2014

The best of the Reps program for December is reflected in the accomplishments and leadership of Santosh Viswanatham.


Santosh  is a super active Mozilla Rep from Telangana Region, India. He has been the backbone of the Firefox OS contributions and community activities around his region for the past 18 months. Starting his  journey as an FSA, he now is the Regional Ambassador Lead of FSA Program in India.

Developing his First Firefox OS app, he shared the experience in a blogpost which got published in the FSA Newsletter. Thus inspiring him further to be a part of Mozilla community.

Thank you Santosh for your amazing work!

Don’t forget to congratulate him on Discourse!

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  1. Teja Swaroop Arukoti wrote on

    Congratulations Santosh!!


  2. Alex wrote on

    What is this Mozilla Reps program?
    What do i get by joining this program and how can i be rep of mozilla?
    Is it sales promotion program or what?
    Could someone throw some light of what the program is all about?


    1. Ruben Martin [:Nukeador] wrote on

      Check this page to know more:


  3. schoolboy wrote on

    awesome work


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