Firefox OS UX Work Week: Taipei Photo Essay

About twice a year we try to get the entire team together with the intent to plan for the future as well as build closer relations. Mozilla is not comprised of a centralize campus unlike other tech companies, we are truly spread across the globe: Barcelona – Berlin – Madrid – Manchester – Mountain View – Paris – San Francisco – Sofia – Taipei – Toronto – Vancouver. In 2013, each continent grew steadily with UX presence, but nothing like Taipei with a 900% growth in designers, now making up about a 3rd of our entire team, we really needed to get a better understanding of the Taiwanese culture.

Such beauty – sunrise over Taipei 101. 45 minute drive at dawn from the airport after the 15h flight.
TaipeiUX60As we arrive, in the hotel lobby … Merry Christmas … but I left my parka back home with the -10° temperatures back in Toronto.
TaipeiUX112And meetings start…
TaipeiUX61 TaipeiUX62 TaipeiUX113 A night out and about…TaipeiUX65  TaipeiUX74And we find a design book store…
TaipeiUX75 TaipeiUX73Some late night team building… TaipeiUX72 The tradition continues… the team dinner Taipei style

TaipeiUX64 TaipeiUX70 TaipeiUX69 TaipeiUX68 TaipeiUX67 TaipeiUX66TaipeiUX71

Special team building activity at the Xue Xue White gallery / cultural center…
TaipeiUX102 TaipeiUX77 TaipeiUX78 TaipeiUX79 TaipeiUX80 TaipeiUX81 TaipeiUX82 TaipeiUX83We’re baking lava cakes and decorating macarons… yum!

TaipeiUX103 TaipeiUX87TaipeiUX88

TaipeiUX85 TaipeiUX84

TaipeiUX86 TaipeiUX94 TaipeiUX95 TaipeiUX93 TaipeiUX92  TaipeiUX91 TaipeiUX90 TaipeiUX89 TaipeiUX96

… and now for the macarons
TaipeiUX97 TaipeiUX98 TaipeiUX99 TaipeiUX105      TaipeiUX106 TaipeiUX107Our Firefox OS UX team


TaipeiUX109Good bye Taipei… till 2014? TaipeiUX111