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Design Route A: The Eye

Even though Mozilla’s old Shepherd Fairey-designed dinosaur head logo is only used internally, not externally, there’s still a lot of love in the community for all things ‘Dino’. And there’s no escaping that the name of the company ends with “zilla.” What if we could find a way to use just part of a reptile in a dynamic new design?

This design stems from the narrative pathway known as The Good Fight.

The Good Fight

Sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in.
Mozilla believes in an open, equal, accessible Internet – for everyone.
One that makes us active creators, not passive receivers.
One that works for the benefit of the many, not the few.
We’re ready to take a stand, link arms with others who share our view of the future, and provide tools and opportunities for those who need them.
You can wish for a better web, and a better world.
Or you can get involved and make it happen.

Click on the first image below to see how the logo might animate:







158 comments on “Design Route A: The Eye”

  1. Michael Sharp wrote on

    Love the imagination, but a bit Hollywood entertainment for a SF tech company. (I’m having fun BTW)

    1. Tim Murray wrote on

      That’s what we’re here for: you, having fun.

    2. tony wrote on

      This one is great, easily my favorite of all the options show thus far.

      1. Mike wrote on

        Also my favorite so far.

  2. Andre Williams wrote on

    I love love love the throwback here but I feel like this one sends off the wrong signals.

    Not only is it a little too similar to the design of Disney character Bill Cipher (which I’m sure was unintentional) but it also gives off a “big brother” feel. For a company focused on privacy, especially in this day in age where it’s such a huge concern, having a big, intimidating eye in your logo probably isn’t the best idea.

    1. Tim Murray wrote on

      Andre, I’m curious if a change in perspective might shift your opinion of The Eye? What if Mozilla were “watching out for you online.”?

      1. David wrote on

        First impressions are everything, Tim. This logo sends a creepy big brother message faster than any tag line can correct. Given the widespread fear of “they’re watching me”, the mind will attribute meaning to this without your help.

        1. Sebastian wrote on

          I’m definitely with Andre and David on this one.

          1. art guerrilla wrote on

            me too-ism x 2…
            the FIRST image that came to my mind, was Sauron’s all-seeing eye…
            AND, further, the idea that a disembodied eye with cat-like (godzilla, if you must) pupils is looking out for me, in a warning/danger yellow/black, and is supposed to make me warn and fuzzy, um, no, just no…
            further, kind of a tad ambitious to expect a new logo to advance all five aspirations (what, no ‘world peace’ ?) ALSO, the little throwaway line about being suitable for all types of media/purposes, etc is kind of an important factor; and -as you have shown- variations would have to be generated for various purposes -website vs letterhead vs videos vs business cards vs packaging vs…- and may vary substantially from the original -which they like- and the variation -which they don’t-, or vice versa…

          2. Joshua Grosso wrote on

            That was the exact first vibe I got from it. I understood the intention, but I can’t shake the “we see everything” feeling….

          3. Alexandre Abraham wrote on

            The same. Evil big brother feeling + Monsters Inc rip off.

      2. Ross wrote on

        Personally, having a giant eyeball staring me down doesn’t make me think “looking out for you.” I agree with Andre, and a few others in this thread who think of Bill Cipher, Sauron, Big Brother, an internet predator, or other things that want to eat/harm me, instead of safety.

        Eye contact like this is intense and more often than not, is threatening. Think of the last time someone other than a love interest made intense and unwavering eye contact with you. How did it feel? Probably like they were sizing up their prey, or wanting a fight.

        If the eyeball was looking slightly the other way and not aggressively engaging with the audience, perhaps this would be less intense.

        1. Ross wrote on

          Also, this shade of yellow is the color of caution signs, traffic lights, and fire. Black is the color of seriousness, death, and the night. Together, they are probably exacerbating the threatening feel of the logo…

    2. Brendan Saunders wrote on

      Gotta agree that the “big brother” impression was the first one I got here as well.

      It looks like the “Eye of Sauron” which also doesn’t convey the right messaging about the brand.

      1. Terry Eck wrote on

        This! First thing I thought of was Sauron. Not a good first impression.

    3. Sarah K wrote on

      I thought Bill Cipher too. (Which I will point out online conspiracy nuts automatically associate with illuminati)
      The color combo is also part of the issue as it screams “Caution” or “Crime Scene- Do not enter” tape.
      Over all, it was a fun concept to include the dino… but, at the same time people don’t much like being stared at.

    4. mg wrote on

      agree, with the big brother aspect.

  3. Dustin J. MItchell wrote on

    I can’t get behind this — the typeface is difficult to read, the color combination is jarring, and the eye shape is both creepy and oddly zygotic. The tilings of the logo look like posterized illustrations of broken glass.

  4. Joe wrote on

    I worry about the Sauron or Big-brother vibes from the big eye, and the color-scheme mixed with the ‘first vowel’ highlight gives off a distinct Caterpillar Inc. feeling.

    1. Dmitri GOOSENS wrote on

      > I worry about the Sauron or Big-brother vibes from the big eye

      That’s exactly what I felt…
      And that’s more or less exactly what M:// is not


      1. thomas browne wrote on

        yeah but “M//” is like a mashup of all the other “friendly” corporate logos out there, IE blue helvetica, and we all know that behind the docile, offend-nobody look of these logos, there’s sharp-elbowed, monopolistic corporation, intent on deceiving you. I actually think that subconsciously, that’s the risk with “M//”.

        Not to mention that a primary stated objective of the re branding is to communicate that Mozilla is more than just Firefox, and the URL play in M// does exactly the opposite of that.

  5. Michael Kaply wrote on

    I like the throwback idea, but I just think this feels too much like a “Sauron” eye.
    It doesn’t have enough of the dinosaur to convey that this is a dinosaur eye.
    It feels too Monsters Inc. as well.

  6. Jason Hunt wrote on

    Monsters Inc.
    ID centred around the O – as in Opera.

  7. Pratyush Gupta wrote on

    Interesting play of letters, but can’t get the Eye of Sauron out of my head.

  8. joe mama besser wrote on

    too ominous.
    overall the concept sends a negative message of either a demonic, unapproachable beast or big brother overlord watching your every move. probably not the best connotations.
    also, as previously ,mentioned, focusing on th ‘o’ as the typographic device and extractable element is a branding misstep.

  9. Nicholas wrote on

    An browser with a reptilian eye logo? This is the browser “THEY” want you to use! Conspiracy theorist fodder.

  10. B. wrote on

    Immediatly had the feeling of being watched all the time, like an all-seeing-eye. A privacy concern, I guess we don’t want that.

  11. Gillian Kayne wrote on

    Wow — this is SO wrong. Seriously — if AirBnB had issues with their new brand — this is going to bring out a world of pain.

    It’s less eye and more ‘lady bits’

    Steer well clear of this route unless you want a LOT of vagina references.

    1. Pacifica wrote on

      Huh I was at first going with lizard people and thinking the open button was a sexuality reference but now that you mention it… ah yeah probably not the best silhouette. At least there is an animal reference and personalises the company. Perhaps not the best animal references though.

  12. Mike Martino wrote on

    This one personally attracted my attention right off the bat vs. the others. I’m a sucker to thin lettering which is why my choice here surprises me.

    I especially like the playful concept of the “eye” incorporation on the “o”.

    I’ve read the above comments and notice some people have correlated the eye or design style with Monsters Inc. or the Opera web browser, but ideally recognition is good, in my opinion, period. And almost every design will somehow be relate-able in someones eyes to something of previous creation – it’s inevitable.

    I’d love to see some variations of this exact logo altered. Looking forward to the next step!

  13. Colin Hall wrote on

    Certainly a bold concept. It immediately grabs attention. But in being so bold and perhaps monolithic, it starts to feel a little too aggressive to me. Staring is an inherently confrontational act, and it also carries a lot of negative connotations (surveillance a la 1984, Sauron, etc. that people have mentioned). While I’m not a fan of the whole “reminds me of ____” comments because everything can remind anyone of anything based on experience, it’s hard to get around that idea of discomfort when someone stares at you. That one is pretty universal. I’m just not sure it strikes the right tone for the company.

    While trying to hold on to your history is a good thing, this feels so drastically different that I’m not sure people would make that connection. There just isn’t enough of that equity retained. For instance, once the eye gets broken out into the character with the hands, it loses the context it once had and becomes something else entirely.

    I applaud the stones behind this one. Perhaps with some tweaks to the applications or perhaps the color palette (I’d also like to see more integration between the harsh angles of the letters and the circular eye), this could be a really unexpected solution.

  14. Halleh Tidaback wrote on

    The black and yellow scream ‘warning’ or ‘caution’ to me. I think that may be why its giving off a Big Brother or Sauron feeling. What if the color was one that conveyed safety/security/helpfulness instead?

    I love it when the eye gets playful and is used in the extended marks. It feels human and silly. I’d lean into this approachability. It makes me connect, relate to and like the brand by personifying the eye.

    The diamond pattern feels like its gone too far. I see where it comes from but seems to distract.

    I think the extended branding will be critical in making this an approachable and ‘Mozilla feeling’ option. The complimentary type will need to be friendly and inclusive, the color much more inviting, and I’d even explore softening some of the harsh corners overall (just to see how it feels).

    I do love that this speaks to the origin of the Mozilla name (mosaic and Godzilla) in both the patterns and the eye.

  15. Mike Wazowski wrote on

    Hey….it’s Mike Wazowski….from Monster’s Inc….me, Sully and the rest of the guys at the compnay are pretty unhappy about you ripping off our intellectual property….we don’t want to get all legal on yo ass, but if you go ahead with this we can guarantee we’ll scare your kids every night until your begging for a decent nights sleep…you have been warned…


    Mike “Evil Eye” Wazowki

  16. iArafath wrote on

    Actually the best concept out of all the designs. It screams Mozilla, Godzilla and all the big movie monsters out there. And I wan to be right behind it. Perfect!

    The textures are interesting but I think it can be worked on. Icons specially all hands it seems like it’s loosing the monster concept. If I were you guys I would stick to the huge monster concept all the way. Why not a destroyed Mozilla headquarters for maker party?

    It works great as a faviconb and reduced logo too.

    Have more fun with it, let it loose!

  17. Allen Meyer wrote on

    I love brand mascots and this has so much personality, BUT, the whole conversation is going to be about that O. Is it an evil eye? Is if the Eye of Sauron? Is it big brother? Godzilla? It’s Mozilla: Watching out for you.

    Let me just say, sometimes a little controversy is a good thing.

  18. Timur Uzel wrote on

    Looks like Monsters inc.

  19. PLC wrote on

    Maybe a little to close Opera’s logo.

  20. Manon wrote on

    I like the history aroung the eye but I have an huge issue with the colours, too Batman or biohazard. They scream danger because of the second.
    I also find the font difficult to read.
    The facebook pages with “Mozilla Brasi” are nice with the colours and I really like the paterns on those pages.

  21. Sara wrote on

    This is the one! ?

  22. Bouv wrote on

    Typography and eye looks like Monsters, Inc movie.
    But eye only feel like I’m always spy by Mozilla web browser.

    These two different color (black and yellow) is too agressive for my eyes, and it’s difficult to clearly read “MOZILLA”.
    For me it’s clearly not the best design.

  23. nicolas wrote on

    I like how it reminds of Mozilla, the dinosaur. I like how ‘alternative’ it feels, a little like how Mozilla was looking in the late nineties, but without the soviet constructivism favour. The yellow-black palette is a classic but always working one for the activism note, even if it will take some time to associate it as Mozilla.

    I’m not talking about details in the execution, because it’s probably not very relevant at this point in the project.

    However it looks evil. At best as a wild animal, at worse like a Big Brother-like entity. Which is the whole opposite of what Mozilla is. I’m not sure this is the best option.

  24. Bart wrote on

    Reminds me of Opera

  25. Saige Fraiha wrote on

    At first I found myself wondering if this is what a firefox’s eye looks like. Eventually it dawned on me that this isn’t just the browsers logo, but there is a strong connection for me and many others between the Firefox and Mozilla.

    All the comments about big brother meets Disney are true, however out of all the directions presented this is the strongest one.

    Play on your ‘zilla’. Have fun. Your community wants to wear fun things and do fun things on the net.

    I find the yellow black is alot like a police perimeter. Perhaps a change from black to white and a brighter firey orange would help the image out and leverage existing brand identity connections. Multi colored logos are very happening right now, I’d say even for the next 5-10 years.

  26. Darío Pérez wrote on

    I came to the site and I couldn’t not to associate this proposal with Mozilla. As a tech user I loved it because it transmits much of Mozilla, but even so it doesn’t fit. I feel it needs a bit of humanity.

  27. Vanessa J wrote on

    I know this might be a little far fetched, but the logo makes me think of something that has to do with animation instead of what it’s supposed to.

    Also the O looks like an eye, doesn’t make me feel at ease with using a browser that constantly reminds me it’s “seeing” everything i’m doing.

  28. Zoraida wrote on

    It does look like surveillance… That makes it feel not approachable.

  29. Bea wrote on

    My advice: drop it
    You’ve got better proposals

  30. Abdi wrote on

    This design is the exact opposite of openness and inclusiveness. The eye, already has certain connotations in the global psyche, whether it be the eye of Sauron, the all seeing eye, the anti-christ, the one-world-order etc. I believe this design, even though cheeky, sends the wrong message – that of being watched. This is the last thing I’d like to associate with Mozilla. The colours are also garish and harsh.

    This might be to the liking of a western teen: it’s edgy, funky and colourful. But it’s also harsh, childish, immature and not in keeping with openness and the maturity required to stand up to the clean-cut and universal appeal being fostered by the likes of google.


    1. Tim Murray wrote on

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on The Eye and the use of eye iconography through history, Abdi.

  31. Victoria Black wrote on

    Despite all the “eye”, “watching”,”monster” thing – I like this one. It uses the strongest contrast of all- black and yellow, and illustrates the image that I always had in my mind when I was pronouncing Mozilla/Godzilla. It just feels right.

  32. M wrote on

    The eye feels creepy to me, reptilian, predatorial, in a bad way. I feel watched, not proteced. The yellow is not bad.

  33. John Adams wrote on

    Sorry, this is a non-starter for me because it looks way too big-brother-is-watchingish to the extent it is quite sinister.

  34. Erika wrote on

    Screams out “danger”/”caution.
    Color scheme reminds me of old Yellow Pages branding.
    Unpleasant to the eye.

  35. Lisandro Lorea wrote on

    This one looks extremely threatening. “Mozilla is watching you” is what it seems to be saying. The one for the maker party is kinda creepy.

    Compare this to the Monters Inc logo which is similar but has a round pupil. It makes a huge difference.

    I know about the history of Mozilla but most people don’t and they will just see a very threatening lizard eye looking at them.

  36. CP wrote on

    This design makes me think Mozilla is watching me! I use FF for *privacy* :|

  37. PS wrote on

    All these ideas look horrible. but by far this is the worst.

    Looks like a cross between MonstersINC and Sauron from the Hobbit, but illegible.

  38. christina wrote on

    Strong. Dynamic. Energetic. Bold. Fun. I love it.

  39. offbeatonpurpose wrote on

    I’m kind of with Abdi about the eye of Sauron take however, I also got the impression of a lock and key. “Mozilla unlocks the web while offering a level of privacy unrivaled by others.”

  40. Walter Milliken wrote on

    One of the best ones in my opinion — the name is clear and understandable, and it conveys “zilla” very well. My only problem with it is the implications of the eye: “Hey, we’re watching you” is what it says to me. Not sure that’s the message you want to convey; that’s much more Google’s thing…

  41. Jon D. wrote on

    Love it, probably my second favorite after the :// design. Love the colors, love the playful tone (though I can see why some people think it’s maybe a little too playful), love the checkerboard branding.
    The eye did not make me associate the logo with surveillance or Big Brother, it achieved it’s intent; the first thought it invoked in me was lizard/godzilla. Never even thought of any possible surveillance connotation until reading comments here.

  42. Jesse Wilson wrote on

    Fun! ❤

  43. Liam wrote on

    Besides the whole Great Eye of Sauron. The shirt with an eye reminds me of Monsters Inc. and not Mozilla.
    The yellow reminds me of danger, radiation, etc.
    Black and yellow together remind me of a generic gas/petrol company.

  44. Liam wrote on

    If you don’t get the attachment, I circled the top middle image from your second graphic.

    It just looks like bunch of chains. I know there is a word Mozilla somewhere in there but with the look of chains and the Great Eye, I just can’t get past the filling that the big brother wants me in chains.


  45. Jack Wrenn wrote on

    This branding has so much personality. I like how the tagline ‘Looking out for you’ carries so well across so much of what Mozilla does. This is the design I want on a t-shirt, on a sticker on my laptop, etc. It lends itself to cute mascots you want to root for. It’s bold. It’s beautiful. It demands attention. It refuses to be forgotten.

    This looks as evil as “Mozilla” sounds. Which is to say: very little. Like a little spooky, *maybe*? Definitely not an insurmountable amount. A momentary shock is a small price to pay for exciting and memorable iconography.

    This design knocks it out of the park.

  46. Jeremiah wrote on

    This is my least favorite proposal. It evokes a bad association with Norton AntiVirus.

  47. Matthew Brooks wrote on

    As other have said here, my first impression is ‘big brother’ or ‘The Eye of Sauron’. While I like the idea that Mozilla is watching out for privacy interests, I think that the message may be lost in the pervasive symbolism that the eye brings with it.

    As for the marketing aspect, looking through the proposed items that may end up on the market, I can’t help but see something that looks as though it came right out of Monsters, Inc. Mozilla is a serious player in the industry and I can’t help but think that this particular logo will detract from the intended message.

  48. Margo Cerno wrote on

    This is badass. As a brand it reminds me of MUGATU and Aku from Samurai Jack.

  49. Anant wrote on

    Really like the idea, but I feel like it seems too much like an evil corporation in a movie. Almost a big-brother like implication with the eye looking over you. I think some of the other designs are much more suited to the Mozilla brand

  50. Andrew A Tatge wrote on

    I like the “Good Fight” origin of this direction. It’s powerful and bold.
    On the other hand, I agree that the yellow (before anything else) made me feel wary of Mozilla. Rather than think I had found my champion/comrade to fight the good fight, I thought: “Caution, monstrous things, keep at a distance”.

    I like the reptilian letterforms, especially given the origins, though the eye is loaded with meanings that others have remarked on. Surveillance wasn’t my first thought, but it is easy to arrive at.

    I’m not sure how I’d resolve animality/monstrousness with user advocacy. Making the beast unyielding while also non-threatening for users is a doozy. Other intellectual property (, Monsters inc.) might eliminate greens, purples, and blues.
    Are there other ways to convey unyielding solidarity or perseverance?
    Is something red and constructivist a too on the nose or similar for a rebrand?

    To be honest I had somewhat forgotten that Mozilla’s red dinosaur until reading this brief, as well as the “-zilla” connotations.

    I’d be interested in seeing other ways ferocity or animality could be played up without the eye, or a cautioning yellow.

    P.S. Fire ants? I guess that doesn’t jive with -zilla. Nevermind.

  51. Kris wrote on

    This just is too similar too the iconography and color scheme of two right-wing parties in Belgium: Vlaams Belang and NVA. Please stay very far away from this.

  52. Jack wrote on

    Blue instead of yellow would be less frightening and more eye-pleasing. This design is by far the most iconic and simple design which makes it the best, but the color scheme of black and yellow is too much like CAT and other construction companies. Blue, white, and black would be much more likeable and easy on the eyes.

  53. c lopez wrote on

    This is the less ugly, but I’m pretty sure you need to stay away from the big eye watching everything idea.

  54. Tiber wrote on

    Mozilla is watching you! Bad! Modify the M or the Z, stay far far away from the O.

  55. 455man wrote on

    I like this the best. The Z after the eye looks like a dino’s mouth, which I guess must have been the intent : )

  56. Lluc Sumoy wrote on

    Awesome design, has some fun just like the foundation monster, but the “O” letter recalls Opera. For most people, Mozilla is either “M”, or the old navigator “N” (for nostalgic pioneers only)

  57. Enrique Peña Hernando wrote on

    It’s the best of the Seven proposals. I would buy that T-shirts!

  58. Ruedas wrote on

    Commented on the main post already but since it was about this design, I’ll put it here too. This design projects confidence, and more importantly competence. It’s simple, direct, bold. It’s the opposite of sprawling, the opposite of ineffectual. (Which, if it wasn’t clear in my earlier comment, are two pieces of baggage Mozilla needs to shed. Shed… like an outgrown reptile skin!) The opposite of the governing-board-meeting-at-the-local-food-co-op vibe that plagues all the other 6 designs. (Trying to please everyone and offend no one – and winding up accomplishing nothing. I’ve been to those meetings.) And it has a Godzilla reference to boot. More Godzilla please. Mo’zilla. Is it bad-ass? YES IT IS. Do you want Mozilla to be more bad-ass, more focused, more effective? I sure do.

    The reptilian eye is really scaring people huh? A random perfectly-nice person piloting their SUV down a street is way more scary to me and poses the far greater danger. Yellow and black means caution, does it? Sure, to people who spend their lives obeying signs. Just think of it as a vagina then.

    The guy who “surveils” you is going to arrive at your doorstep sporting a lizard eye? No, he will sneak in using a smiling, friendly-looking Google Doodle. Mozilla has already erred by trying to out-Google Google when they need to be not just an alternative Google but the anti-Google. (Let Facebook out-Google Google.)

    This logo would make people take notice and re-think Mozilla. As being focused and competent and having some cojones. People doing right are the ones who SHOULD be bold.

  59. darkblackcorner wrote on

    +1 on all the Sauron/Big Brother comments.
    However, I do love the typography used here!

  60. thomas browne wrote on

    I love this look which reminds me of socialist Brutalist architecture and in my opinion, captures the mood of the world at the moment, and the anti-corporate feeling which I feel is an intrinsic part of the Mozilla brand.

    I love the complete lack of any blue, which is default choice of all corporations, and is an intrinsic part of Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, not to mention 50% of hedge funds. Hard black on strong yellow also harks to construction themes, you know, Caterpillar, Komatsu, etc, which suggests hard, honest, work, not pushing financial numbers around.

    The thick lettering is a wonderful contrast to the current fad of super-thin typography, and in which IMO is going to look very dated very fast. As the iphone sinks, so will its themes. This is definitely a standout, forward looking, new-definition design language for the FUTURE, not the past. Contrast that with the “safe space” -style ethnic theme also on display which in my opinion is the worst on display, closely followed by the origami which is soooo 2014.

    The only question is the eye. I like it a lot, but many will say it reminds them of big brother. When it blinks, I think it actually looks quite friendly, like a wink, and that’s good, but it will face some controversy. Perhaps it needs to be shown that it’s a “who watches the watchmen” kind of eye in which case it would be great.

    Best best logo I have seen like, for years.

  61. geptrizol wrote on

    I agree it’s threatening – not only because the Eye, which has been discussed in detail, but also because the bold font and color choice reminds me of Caterpillar. Which is fine if you want everyone to think you make big, heavy, and slow stuff.

  62. Márcio Ramos wrote on

    I love this design, and it was the first to catch my eye. No pun intended.

    I don’t care about the color, but I think this is the best logo that can go monochromatic, which is very important in several applications.

    Since it is open for refinement, I believe this is the best logo so far!! Love the inspiration which brings out the “zilla” part in Mozilla!

  63. Redmess wrote on

    I think this logo feels rather monolithic and lumbering in its current form. Perhaps if the letters had a bit more texture to them, they wouldn’t feel so massive. This could also tie in to the dinosaur theme.

  64. Blokhead wrote on

    First impression looks fun and ‘eye’catching(!)
    But afterwards I just can’t help to relate to Monster Inc. – big M + big eye… Sorry :p
    And then I have a second thought – suddenly linked to the ‘Night Safari’… Might be the combination of yellow + black, which are the colours of NG, or the wildlife….
    Anyway, FUN would be the keyword. I love how versatile it is, especially the application of the striking yellow eye’s icon (!)

  65. kz wrote on

    My first impression of this logo is that is is very hard on the eyes and difficult to read. The emphasis on the “eye” is very disconcerting. When I saw some of the subsidiary logos that emphasized only the eye, I simply gave up on even trying to improve on it. A logo in all its variations should clearly identify the company even to the uninitiated. This logo abjectly fails tht test.

  66. Hardy Cherry wrote on

    My first thought:
    Mozilla, now a division of Monsters Incorporated.
    Second thought:
    Mozilla, spying on you for an open web.
    Of all the designs though, I like this the best if the o were fixed so it looked like an o instead of a spy eye or a monsters inc logo.

  67. Jarrod wrote on

    The first impression with the color scheme makes me think of a construction company.
    The eye looks like a flesh light. There will be comparisons to female anatomy.
    The variants of the design are too busy and the readability of the font is very poor.
    The eye will draw criticism in regard to privacy or Mozilla watching customer’s browsing.
    Others in this comments have more eloquently expressed many of the design’s many other downfalls.

    1. jgreenspan wrote on

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jarrod.

  68. Naylan wrote on

    OK, this reinforce the pun Mozilla/Godzilla. But the pun is already in the name, this logo doesn’t convey anything more than what is in the name. For those who don’t know what Mozilla is, this logo doesn’t help them.

    Furthermore, I find this logo aggressive. I’m not sure this is a feeling you want to convey.

  69. Mike Thompson wrote on

    I like it. Maybe the yellow a bit too intense? What if it was green?

  70. Declan wrote on

    In the US, black and yellow are use to denote things that require caution – for example, black and yellow is the color of the tape strung around crime scenes.
    Not something I would associate with Mozilla – crime scene, caution tape, stay clear, do not approach, don’t go near…….
    It’s also hard discern the actual words – at first glance it looked like morilla to me.

  71. Thomas van Diepen wrote on

    This one is too simple and has no depth. Does not do Mozilla right.

    1. Thomas van Diepen wrote on

      I now see the Godzilla association and I like it :)

  72. JP wrote on

    Don’t use this eye. It reminds one of the Eye of Sauron, or worse yet, the front of an Ford Edsel.

  73. Walter Tizzano wrote on

    This is by far the best design among the proposed ones: it’s smart, captivating and simple enough but still very recognisable.

  74. rugk wrote on

    In contrast to others I don’t think the eye is so bad – at least I have not associated it with Sauron or so before reading the comments (now I do, damn… ;-) ).
    However I think I have seen this color scheme – black and yellow for another NGO already. Just don’t know where…

  75. Paco Núñez wrote on

    Too “flashy” also, i can’t really read “mozilla” anywhere

  76. Silvio de Leon wrote on

    It looks like Caterpillar company colors, how about experimenting with a different combination of colors, like red, black and green for the eye. Or the original colors orange, yellow and blue.

  77. Jorge A Vazquez wrote on

    While this one may feel like a ‘right fit’ because of the internal use of the dinosaur, because Mozilla sounds like Godzilla, or because you believe you are fighting the good fight, it really is not. The colors are wrong because Mozilla has more to do with foxes than it does with bees. Let’s not forget Symantec beat you to the ugly yellows years ago. The eye is wrong, are you watching what I am doing while I am using your apps? Creepy! And the whole throwback concept doesn’t do much for an Internet company, does it? This logo is only saying “We are yellow, old, and creepy!” Yay! That’s just the kind of company I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the Internets.

  78. Satrio wrote on

    Lovely concept, but the M ZILLA type is too blocky, illegible, and distracting you from the O-eye. Also if one sees a browser with that O-icon, one might think it’s an Opera bootleg. (I know it’s Mozilla brand and not necessarily Firefox icon, but I guess it worths mentioning.) I’d rate it #3.

  79. lehasb wrote on

    In my opinion, garish and angular, but ultimately that’s a branding decision. More identifiable than all the abstract geometric options.

  80. Hagen Mahnke wrote on

    My first impression was definitely the Eye of Sauron and being watched. A good look for the NSA, not for Mozilla.

  81. Alison wrote on

    I’m not a big fan of yellow and black. Design concept is sound, though.

  82. Charlie wrote on

    I love the more whimsical nature of this logo, but the green and yellow is kind of harsh for me. Friendlier monster-tones, please! :)

  83. Rob wrote on

    Easily my favourite! It has more character than any of the other choices, and is the only one for me that makes a clear connection with the past and with the name.

  84. Blake Gonzales wrote on

    this reminds me of the movie monster’s inc. makes mozilla look like it’s for kids. Not impressive

  85. Jürgen A. Erhard wrote on

    Hard to read. I like the ref to the big lizard, but… that’s about all I like here. Too block, too “brutalist”.

    Also… black and yellow. Bees? Thinking of Kill Bill too. That rhombus-design is also very bavarian. :D

  86. brendan wrote on

    my favorite of all the options. bold and uncomplicated.

  87. Gabriel Barbosa de Carvalho wrote on

    I liked the concept of art that just because it reminds me of the eye velociraptor jurassic park or even the godzilla.
    As for the idea that “you are being filmed,” I do not believe in bad impression, for me it is something for people who believe in conspiracy theory.
    Returning the art of logo, even enjoying it, I think it still needs some adjustments and improvements, but for an initial draft, has started well.


  88. Sherman Wang wrote on

    The font isn’t really intelligible, and the eye is an immediate turn-off — I agree with others completely on it invoking the Eye of Sauron more than anything else. Sure, after seeing it in different contexts beyond the main Mozilla logo it takes on a bit of playfulness, but I doubt most people can get beyond the feeling of “big brother”.

  89. The Watson wrote on

    First thought was the all seeing eye, then the teeth & I thought Monsters Inc. Mozilla Monster has been lurking since the birth of the internet. I would say this is my second choice. Everyone can relate to an eye & a creature… Colors are decent…

  90. Andy wrote on

    To be perfectly honest – I really do not like any of the design choices. Some seem too modern/Picasso esque, others feel like a child would have drawn them, and as noted for the ‘eye’, I too think it is ‘Big Brotherish’. While modernizing a brand in a Windows 10 world is unfortunately a ‘must do’, perhaps such a radical shift is not the best course of action (Windows 8 Start ring a bell?). Maybe a more polished/updated current logo would be in order. That way, it retains its familiarity with established users/contributors while still having the ability to draw new interest. If I had any artistic ability, I could perhaps better show you what I mean, but sadly I do not. Thank you Mozilla for all of your efforts and products (Personally that would be Firefox and Thunderbird) that have made a positive impact on the web and others.

  91. Tobias wrote on

    The eye is nice and recognizable. Would no doubt make for a great movie poster. The animation would also work well as a splash screen (but who wants to have those anymore?).
    For everything else, I am not so sure, though. The black and yellow color theme just doesn’t work everywhere.

  92. Muhammad Abdullah wrote on

    The main text looks “OK” but why there is an O? It looks like Opera browser logo or an O with an Aligator eye.

  93. Alex Ng wrote on

    Better the eye than nothing but it could be a little more dino and less typo. Not only am I emotionally attached to the old tyra but the new designs reflect poorly what mozilla stand for me…whatever. When deviantart change its fella for a symbol, I was totally supportive because the colors where still dA, the symbol is really well thoight. IMHO.

  94. Scott wrote on

    Already feels a little dated and a little too quirky/rugged. Reminds me of something I would see for a line of mountain bike gear.

  95. Cory Koski wrote on

    Big Brother, Iluminati, Sauron, Godzilla… I’m not a fan of this logo because I don’t think of Mozilla as a beast.

  96. Endyl wrote on

    This would be my second favourite, if not for the much mentioned ominous eye impression. The tiled versions look a bit too busy. If these two aspects can be improved, this can be a great choice.
    Color theme variations would be interesting to see, if this makes the next round.

  97. Nathan Demick wrote on

    Within the nerd community, first thought is “Eye of Sauron.” Outside, I’m not sure the “O” provides any sort of meaning. I think the mental gymnastics to derive “Mozilla -> Godzilla -> Monster Eye” are too strenuous. Black and yellow are frequently considered “warning” colors, with negative emotional connotations.

  98. Stephen Robinson wrote on

    It has personality but personally just makes me think of spying.

  99. Michael wrote on

    So I went from the bottom up and ended on thsi final logo. This guy nailed it”First impressions are everything, Tim. This logo sends a creepy big brother message faster than any tag line can correct. Given the widespread fear of “they’re watching me”, the mind will attribute meaning to this without your help.” It’s lord of the rings in 2d, big brother. there is too strong of a subconscious emotional connection to being the prey and the reptile hunting you.

  100. Eric Shepherd wrote on

    This is an interesting notion, but the color is too much. Having a logo like this (and the site design color choices this would force) would be blinding when trying to read a page, especially if we wound up having to go this way on MDN. Reading docs for hours on end with that yellow would give me a headache. :)

    1. Eric Shepherd wrote on

      I forgot to say: also, the eyeball imagery all by itself as used on the icons and such is a little creepy. :)

  101. Rick Colby wrote on

    I like the clever use of negative space to create the reptilian eye, and I like that the mark is bold and solid, but it feels more like a logo for a game or an energy drink. I agree with other comments that the black and yellow looks too bee-like. And when you pull the eye out (ugh, sorry) for use in the overall system, it loses its effectiveness and looks like the company name should start with “O”.

  102. Shea wrote on

    I love the concept here, but I think it would be hard to integrate gracefully across platforms and some of the elements seem forced to me (i.e. the eye + hand + legs graphic).

  103. Shirley Dulcey wrote on

    It feels a bit too mean to me. And the eye looks too much like Opera’s O.

  104. Kelley Lueck wrote on

    The O reminds me of the Old Opera logo

  105. Bob wrote on

    This is the best of the bunch, but I am not too excited about any of them.

  106. mike wrote on

    Far too creepy for a friendly all ages browser.

    1. Tim Murray wrote on

      Hi Mike, Thanks for participating in this review. This is a design exercise for Mozilla, the nonprofit that champions the Internet as a global public resource accessible to all. Mozilla is not a browser; it MAKES an open-source web browser, Firefox, but that’s not where our story ends. Mozilla contributes to a more equitable Internet and to the knowledge of its users through things like our encryption campaign, our advocacy toward updated copyright laws in Europe, and our promotion of web education in parts of the world just coming online. To learn more about Mozilla, please visit Thanks again for joining this conversation.

  107. Uy Le wrote on

    I love the Saul Bass vibes I’m getting on this, but on branding strategy terms, it has a sinister look. Reptilian eyes are not my favorite images to associate to a brand like Mozilla. Might be cool and quirky at first glance, but just pure Big Brother evil in the long run for me.

  108. HergotH wrote on

    1) looks like opera
    2) You DEFINITELY do not want “I see all” sauron impression when thinking about private and NSA/GOOGLE unspoiled browser.
    3) black-yellow is okay-ish but the eye… the eye man. Dont.

  109. Woolf wrote on

    The design is effective, but doesn’t match what Mozilla should inspire.
    It reminds of the Eye of Sauron and its evil ambition.
    Black and yellow don’t inspire a friendly feeling (don’t forget the community all over the world: employees, contributors, volunteers, users, children, teenagers, adults, etc.).
    It also evoques female sexual organ.
    None of the seven design should become Mozilla future logo. Where is the former Tyrannosaurus —strong and beautiful design, you might have capitalized on it—? I thought it would be a reinterpretation of it.
    The dinosaur allowed personification and projection into Mozilla brand. How will the wide and varied Mozilla community identify itself to a logo that doesn’t inpire any feeling? (I don’t mean this black shape and in a yellow circle.) Firefox logo is an animal, missed–Thunderbird logo is an animal; Gecko and B2G OS logos are an animal; Firefox logo inspired the Fox mascot for Mozilla Foundation branding. Popular Mailchimp logo is an animal. If you wish the community to feel close to Mozilla brand, don’t forget the emotions.

  110. Felipe Cotta wrote on

    Na verdade os outros modelos também são, deviam abrir sugestões dos próprios usuários.

  111. Hyrum wrote on

    This definitely stands out, but can be pretty jarring. The contrast is harsh, the eye is clever and there are some pretty good opportunities for swag with the eye.

    That being said, other comments about Orwellian overtones, industrial, overbearing, all-seeing eye, etc. are pretty spot on. Eye of Sauron, dominating/looming industrial visage (makes me think back to the towering, looming apocalyptic industrial buildings of Samurai Jack) and oddly enough, IKEA, make me really not like it.

    Nothing about it makes me think open internet, collaboration, or anything even tech related. Seeing a shirt, mug, etc. like that would be a first impression of a monster cartoon or clever blurb about monsters.

  112. Mark wrote on

    the primary logo is a winner, the secondaries not so much as the colors are a little overpowering at that level – are they really required?. the evil eye connotations sound like a beat up. the vast majority already know that mozilla is generally on the side of the angels and only want easily identifiable branding, not something out of an IQ test like some of the others. seriously does anyone ever consider the ‘underlying concepts’ of a brand. still looking forward to the day when I pass a truck with ‘bob’s trucking company’ on the side instead of ‘universal logistics solutions’ or similar claptrap

  113. cripkd wrote on
    Motan mean tomcat in Romanian and that’s a household gas-based heater company.

  114. Erica wrote on

    I really like the idea of playing with the reptilian sound of ‘Mozilla’ and incorporating a reptilian eye. I think this is my favorite logo, because it’s bold, very recognizable, and fun. Furthermore, the eye is really easy to play around with and incorporate into other things. The color scheme is also very simple, and much more versatile than some of the other logos (like the impossible M). I think this is also the most memorable!

  115. Dave Akash wrote on

    This LOGO will not make sense in colors. Its not cool on eyes. The main LOGO is still ok but the remaining are worst to see. Other designs are not so great to have it internationally. May be changing in colors can do good but still need more designs on the GREAT Mozilla Foundation.

  116. The Ozz wrote on

    Wow. A stylized O-centered design. Probably no one did that one before… oh wait.

  117. Nico wrote on

    Strong, fun and disruptive. A very good design

  118. Smeikx wrote on

    – bold, strong
    – timeless
    – lacking friendliness, openness, connectedness
    – negative associations: big brother, a watching eye (see other comments)
    – patterns look too aggressive and confusing

  119. Graham wrote on

    Looks like the branding for a magazine, not a web browser / tech company

  120. Ramzi Ibrahim wrote on

    Nicely developed identity; however, it reminds me of so many other brands for it to be uniquely Mozilla. It’s a mix of CAT and Monsters Inc.

    It’s playful, in a kiddish way, although the colors are ‘grown up colors’. So it doesn’t actually give a youthful energy. Just a funny one.

    It doesn’t give out a digital technology vibe. It’s more of a traditional company (maybe a bit playful) vibe.

    And the Eye is a bit risky. It doesn’t convey your stated mission, and looks more like big brother is watching you. It might have to do with it being a cat’s eye, which is very observant and a bit sinister. Maybe another eye shape (rotated perhaps like Paul Rand’s IBM) would be softer. However, I doubt that it will totally lose its big brother connotation.

    The pattern is gets a bit chaotic around the edges.

    Overall, the eye takes over the identity, and it doesn’t show that you based it on the “zilla” thing and being playful.

  121. Pedro Phillipe wrote on

    Possível alterações com o ponto do “i” e também fazendo aparecer o “M’ e o “a”.


  122. Pedro Phillipe wrote on

    MOZI – Um jeito pessoal de abreviar o Mozilla e também um forma amigável de chamar alguém! Eu gosto mesmo é do MOZI! :)


  123. OSuKaRu wrote on

    This is my favorite so far. It’s fun and recognizable. My vote for this one

  124. GJ wrote on

    I like this one a lot.

  125. Rafael Ar wrote on


  126. Jules wrote on

    I just love it. But maybe the font isn’t as readable as I would want a logo’s font to be.

  127. Martin Häcker wrote on

    I love it. It catches you immediately with allures to Saurons Eye, but also with the Dino that is behind Mozilla for all the time.

    I think that given the Dino theme that Mozilla has going, people will get used to this Icon – and I like the fact that the ‘All seeing eye’ aspect is a constant warning what the Internet can be if we are not ever watchful (pun intended).

    Nobody will look past this.

  128. Kumar McMillan wrote on

    Very powerful and I love the imagery. Highlighting the ‘O’ also focuses on ‘open’.

  129. Richard D. Owens wrote on

    The best. Just change the yellow to a light green.

  130. Sam wrote on

    When I see this logo I think caution tape and sharp edges. Not to mention the big dilated eye. I don’t see “open” in this logo, if anything I see “keep out”.
    Like others have said, the eye gives off less of a “your pal looking out for you” impression than a “big brother is watching you” one.
    Not friendly, inviting, or open. Not a good fit for Mozilla.
    [Also that eye with hands and feet is a bit creepy]

  131. Teradyne Ezeri wrote on

    When I first saw this design, I thought “Illuminati” or “Big Brother”. With an additional branding message putting it into context, it would help to reduce that feeling, but using it as a logo would be rather creepy. For a brand’s design base as a whole, it feels very “Kill Bill”-esque, and I’m not sure that’s really a message you want to send.

    I’ll admit, the design has grown on me, but first impressions are everything. This one would definitely need some work. Maybe a shield-shaped eye or something, but the rounded eye on its own isn’t going to win hearts.

  132. J. White wrote on

    Well this could work, it reminds me too much of Monsters Inc.

  133. Seburo wrote on


    I am really glad to see the designers showing an appreciation for Mozilla’s heritage. I do think that the use of the eye does send the wrong message and do not think that that comments about Sauron are unfair. That said, if this design was further expanded with more lizard related elements, it could be worth another look.

  134. Wesley wrote on

    First off, I’d like to say that whoever came up with this design did a great job.However, I feel that we should automatically rule out The Eye concept and here’s why. Although it’s very nice looking, having an eyeball on the logo often is associated with spying or tracking of some sort. If you have that in the logo, being associated with tracking is too negative and goes against the mission that Mozilla is trying to support.

  135. Jenn Anderson wrote on

    I love it. The mark as a whole feels like a “mozilla,” playful yet bold and strong. I hear you guys about the Sauron connotation, but since the eye is part of a mark reading “Mozilla,” I think it works. I do think the “dino” connotation gets lost in some of the extensions, however. I wouldn’t be so quick to make it all about the eye.

    I agree that the yellow and black feels a little harsh–kind of “Stanley Tools.” How about a nice lizard green?