Try Out Fira Sans: a Free, Open Source Typeface Commissioned by Mozilla

As designers in open source, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to bring the principles of universal access and redistribution to new areas. While the term “open source” may still be mainly associated with code, the value in free collaboration benefits every discipline – particularly design.

In that spirit, the Mozilla Foundation commissioned famed typographer Erik Spiekermann to create a completely free, open-source typeface in 2013. Thus was born Fira Sans, a gorgeous san-serif font that looks great on the web. So great, in fact, that we’ll be using it in Firefox’s in-content pages such as Preferences and the Add-ons Manager.

fira sans preview

If you haven’t tried out Fira Sans, now’s a great time: version 3.1 introduces 16 different weights, a huge character map, and extensive language support. Also available is Fira Mono, a monospaced version of the original. Give it a spin on your next project!

Download Fira Sans 3.105 (3.6mb .zip)

12 responses

  1. Alexey Zubkov wrote on :

    Will there be hinted TTF’s of version 3.x?

    1. Jennifer Morrow wrote on :

      I’m not sure, Alexey! You’d have to ask Spiekermann. ;)

      1. Alexey Zubkov wrote on :

        Never mind, saw that 3.106 WOFF’s are hinted.

  2. Exalm wrote on :

    Both links are 404…

    1. Jennifer Morrow wrote on :

      Sorry about that, Exalm! I rehosted the typeface on this github repo:

  3. Jojaba wrote on :

    Indeed a great font!
    Your links are obsolete, I would suggest to point to this part of page for both fonts:

    1. Jennifer Morrow wrote on :

      Thanks Jojaba! I also rehosted them on this github repo:

  4. arnaud wrote on :

    Thanks a lot for the ressource!

    Since the font/package had been updated (25.05.2014), the link seems broken.
    Try out the Fira’s landing page


    1. Jennifer Morrow wrote on :

      Thanks arnaud! I also rehosted the typeface on this github repo:

      1. arnaud wrote on :

        Thank you very much!

  5. Sean M wrote on :

    Looks great, except that the links to Fira Sans (both regular and Mono) turn up a near-empty page with the warning, “Entschuldigung, diese Seite kann nicht gefunden werden.” While it is good to have a reminder that I can read simple German, it’s not quite what I had hoped for. Help?

    1. Jennifer Morrow wrote on :

      Thanks for the feedback, Sean! I’m afraid that site has been going down lately, so I rehosted the typeface on this github repo: