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New localizations for Firefox 16 desktop

We’re happy to announce that we’re adding new localizations towith the release of Firefox 16 desktop.

The Kazakh (kk) and Acholi (ach) teams have been working tirelessly to produce the world’s first ever Kazakh and Acholi versions of Firefox desktop for native speakers of the languages wordwide. According to our friends at Wikipedia, there are more than an estimated 10 million native Kazakh speakers and 1.22 native Acholi speakers around the world. Native Kazakh speakers can be found in Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Iran. Native Acholi speakers can be found in Uganda and South Sudan. Thanks to these teams and their efforts, more than 11.22 million native Kazakh and Acholi speakers can now enjoy the option to browse the Web with Firefox 16. The release of a these Firefox desktop localizations brings our total number of regularly shipped languages to 80. Congratulations to the Kazakh and Acholi l10n teams!

We also want to thank all of our l10n teams for their consistent, dedicated efforts to bring the latest innovations of the web to the people of their regions.

See all the different language versions at

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  1. dennis kariuki wrote on

    i would love to be part of this Phenomenon experience in Mozilla but i have contacted the leaders of the localization teams but with nothing…even a i was wondering how can one be part of this Localization and be able to participate in this…I would humbly love to be a localizer for Swahili Language.I reside in kenya…


    Thank you and God Bless Mozilla Firefox And the Mozilla Family at Large


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