Localization sharing challenge for the upcoming summit

The World Fair at Summit is a great opportunity to celebrate the unique elements of your culture and language within Mozilla. Being that all of us are passionate about sharing our language through localization, the World Fair provides a platform for sharing our language and the experiences we’ve had as we’ve incorporated it into the Mozilla project.


If you are participating in the World Fair, we would encourage you to feature in your World Fair booth your experience and challenges using your language in translation and localization at Mozilla. Sharing your language experiences will educate developers, project managers, marketing specialists, and many other about the challenges and rewards of localization in your region. Sharing your language experience here will help localizers that have encountered similar challenges in their own language experience at Mozilla. Sharing your language experience here will open minds, lift hearts, and allow you to connect to more Mozillians.


Unsure how to share your language experience? Here are some examples of experiences that we’ve seen and would be great to share:
  • Naming BrowserID “Persona” and the discussion from many localizers about the term’s meaning in their own language versus the meaning the branding team was intending.
  • Idiom equivalencies in marketing materials and how you arrived at selecting the right idiom (e.g., what challenges did you encounter when translating the term, “elevator pitch”?).
  • In Polish, the Firefox OS slogan “Blaze your own trail with Firefox OS” literally translated to “Burn down the road with firefoxOS” by a contractor. The Polish l10n team had to be creative to adjust and capture the correct meaning for their translation of the slogan.
  • Finding the right term for a new Firefox feature that didn’t exist before in your language (for many the English term, “Tab” was an example).
  • Users in Germany love Firefox for its security features.
Summit is a chance to share information and experiences with each other to improve the way we work together. We hope that by sharing language experiences, we can improve the way we localize the Mozilla project in all regions of the world. We’re very excited about seeing you at Mozilla Summit next week and having the chance to learn more about you, your culture, and your language!

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  1. Shirley wrote on

    I think this would be awesome!I would love to know other people experiences 🙂


  2. Carmen Vega Reina wrote on

    Great initiative!


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