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Get to know a L10n driver: Pascal Chevrel

I am French, I live in Paris, I speak fluent French, English, Spanish and I can also read most romance languages. I became involved in the Mozilla project in 2001, mostly in the support and tech evangelism areas. I rapidly started creating portals and web projects in French and Spanish and later the first multilingual website about Mozilla (Mozilla Europe). I was then contacted by Mozilla to work on internationalizing Mozilla sites in 2006 and still work in this field today.

My job title says that I am “Web Localization Lead” but I see myself more as a creator of communities with a focus on international projects. Currently, my main task is maintaining the product pages for Firefox in close to 90 languages, as well as helping marketing websites reach a more global audience.

You can follow me on twitter @pascalchevrel and I blog on

5 things you may not know about me:

* I wrote a book about Firefox and Thunderbird that was published in 2005.
* In the 90’s I worked as a freelance translator for Microsoft on IE4 documentation.
* Despite being a Linux user, free software advocate and spending a fair amount of my time in scripting languages and web development, I actually didn’t study computing but… international business, business laws and marketing!
* I spent a year working as a hall monitor in a ghetto school, that was an alternative to military service (yes, I am old enough to have known the last years of conscription in France :-)).
* I am a cat lover and I just got a cute kitten (a Maine Coon) named Galipette for my 40th birthday.

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