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This last month at FOSDEM we had the opportunity to really showcase the progress of our biggest project. We spotlighted several new developments but one of the highlights was seeing the evolution of the Elmo project.

The Elmo project is an infrastructure of web apps aimed to provide localizers and potential localizers with a centralized location for L10n tools, docs, sites, etc. Elmo is intended to become the epitome of the notion of “one-stop shopping” for mozilla L10n. The project was code named Elmo to allude to the L10n portal’s ultimate home at

At FOSDEM, Axel displayed some impressive images which illustrated the growth and evolution of the project in it’s current state. Check out some of these images below.

First, the home page:

Here’s where it all began. How many remember seeing this page?




Then it evolved into what you see to the right.




And now what you see to the left is the new home page!





Ready to see how a L10n team’s dashboard has evolved? Hold on to your seat!

That’s right. This is where it began. Super informative!




To the left is the page that you’re all very familiar with.




And now this is what you can expect to come to your team’s dashboard page! Exciting, right? This will make doing sign-offs and project tracking easy!



There you have it! Elmo is not yet ready to be released, but we’re super excited about the progress it has made and can’t wait to announce once it’s ready!


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