MozCamp LATAM in Buenos Aires

For those unfamiliar with baseball, you should know that when the baseball is thrown to a batter, if the bat even connects with the ball it is rare that the hit results in a point for the offensive team. Most often the hit will propel the batter closer to scoring a point for their team, but not all the way. The term “home run” in baseball means that the batter hit the ball so far out of the reach of the defensive team that they actually score a point. My point: I have to say that MozCamp LATAM over the past weekend was truly a home run! For those of you who were unable to attend, here are the important L10n-related points for you to be aware of.

Localization track

There were many excellent sessions on L10n. Here are links to their wiki pages, which should contain their slides. If not, get in touch with the presenter, I’m sure they’ll be happy to email them to you.

Launch of

Another big L10n highlight of the conference was the launch of the long awaited! Part of that launch included a demo from Axel on how to use the new dashboards for your locale repositories. This demo was fit into the schedule last minute, so there are no slides to refer you to here. We’re currently determining the best way to present that demo to you. Stay tuned.

Also, be sure to visit your locale’s new dashboard and update your bookmarks accordingly.

Spanish across LATAM

The way Spanish is localized and delivered is about to change. Be a part of the discussion! Follow this topic in the m.d.l10n newsgroup.

Impressions from localizers

 Por primera vez nos encontramos cara a cara con mozilleros que normalmente leemos todos los días. Es como encontrar a un amigo por correspondencia si eso todavía existiera. Fueron jornadas intensas en las que cada minuto es valioso.    – Marcelo Poli

For the first time we met Mozillians face to face whom we normally had only known through writing them day after day. It’s like meeting your pen pal, if that even still exists. Every minute was very valuable and the days [at MozCamp LATAM] were intense!   – Marcelo Poli


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