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Get to know a L10n driver: Matjaž Horvat

Role at mozilla: Pontoon developer and L10n driver (currently driving BrowserID L10n)

Where I’m from: Slovenia, AKA the country where Donald Trump’s latest wife comes from

Languages I know: Slovenian, English, Croatian & Bosnian & Serbian, German, Latin

Years with the project: almost 11. I started on Fri, July 12 2002 at 21:36:52 CEST by sending email:

Professional experience: I graduated from Computer and Information Science in 2009 and before joining Mozilla full-time in 2011 I worked for three successful Slovenian IT companies: Zemanta, and XLAB.

Twitter: @mathjazz

5 things you may not know about me:

* I learned to play the accordion for three years. Luckily (for my listeneres), I forgot everything.
* I represented Slovenia at IT competition for students organised by Microsoft for two years in a row. Please don’t fire me for that.
* I was featured in a Wired UK article titled Mozilla vs. King Corporate.
* I used to be a journalist. I wrote a couple of hundred pieces for the leading slovenian IT-magazine and the leading slovenian IT-website.
* I skipped a grade at the primary school.

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