Mozilla at Localization World 2012 in Seattle

Staś Małolepszy and I (Jeff Beatty) are happy to announce that we have been selected to represent Mozilla at the semi-annual Localization World conference in Seattle in October this year. We will be presenting on both Pontoon and L20n and how we hope they will impact the future of localization within the open source community. Here is a synopsis of our presentation:

As the web continues to grow, Mozilla seeks to uphold the standards and practices that keep it open for all. Through two of our latest open-source projects, l20n and Pontoon, we are creating a new generation of tools and resources that put more power in the localizers’ hands. Localizers reach a higher level of free linguistic expression with l20n, unencumbered by an application’s logic. Pontoon provides web localizers with something they’ve never had before in an open-source localization tool: WYSIWYG context, real-time translation editing, and collaborative review features. This  presentation will give participants a glimpse into the future of  open-source localization.
Staś and I are looking forward to showcase these tools, as well as the incredible and dedicated efforts of the Mozilla L10n teams, at one of the L10n industry’s premiere events.

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