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Maithili localization released with Firefox 15

We’re happy to announce that we’re adding a new localization to
Firefox 15 desktop!

Sangeeta Kumari and the Maithili (mai) team have been working tirelessly to produce the world’s first ever Maithili version of Firefox for the people of India and Nepal. According to our friends at Wikipedia, there were more than 34.7 million Maithili speakers around the world as of the year 2000. This specifically includes the regions of Bihar, Jharkhand, parts of West Bengal in India, and the Terai region in Nepal. Thanks to the Maithili team, more than 34.7 million native Maithili speakers can now enjoy browsing the Web with Firefox 15. The Maithili Firefox release brings our total number of Firefox localizations to 78. Congratulations to the Maithili team!

We also want to extend congratulations to the Acholi (ach) team! Their localization efforts have successfully led to a Acholi Firefox build in the Firefox Beta channel. The Acholi beta build will be released with Firefox 16. Native Acholi speakers (estimated to be more than 1.22 million speakers in Uganda and South Sudan) can download and help test their localized build here.


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  1. A S lam wrote on

    Welcome New locales


  2. A S Alam wrote on

    On release page, Maithili still in Testing version? Should not be in released?


    1. Rajesh Ranjan wrote on

      Aman, I have pointed out for the same…Pike has pinged Alex:

      But it need to be fixed asap!


  3. Sangeeta Kumari wrote on

    Thanks a lot to all Mozilla people helping us to achieve this target.

    Congrats to Acholi language team!


  4. Rajesh Ranjan wrote on

    Thanks a lot to all l10n driver of Mozilla!


  5. Danishka wrote on

    Good work!


  6. Raj Kumar Jha wrote on

    Great. Maithils and common Maithili – lovers really appreciate the silent, but significant, work of technical Maithili loving people.


  7. sajjan kumar wrote on

    it’s great thanks to all maithali team


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