Coming to your twitter feed

I am very happy to announce that @mozilla_l10n is officially live!

Here’s what you can expect from following @mozilla_l10n:

  • Event/deadline notifications and reminders,
  • Public welcome to newcomers,
  • Calls for participation in new projects,
  • Recruitment calls for specific l10n team needing more members,
  • Congratulations to specific contributors and communities for reaching various milestones,
  • Brief updates to external sources about all of our l10n advancements and efforts.

In brief, this handle is for you! Let us know if there are specific announcements you’d like to be tweeted. Need more localizers? We’ll tweet about it! Having a l10n sprint to get your channels up-to-date? We’ll tweet about it!

If you’re a fellow tweeter, please follow us and encourage your fellow localizers to do the same.


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