Giving linguistic feedback for Firefox localizations

Testing and getting feedback about a localization’s linguistic quality is critical to delivering a browser that will meet users’ needs. We want to attract people in any region to the world’s best browser by making sure that it is the best localized browser available. The language availability and feedback mechanisms vary according to the language’s current status.

At Mozilla, we release Firefox desktop localizations in two ways: through language packs (also known as langpacks) and official builds. Before a language hops on the rapid release train to be distributed as an official build, it is distributed through the Firefox add-ons manager (AMO) as a langpack. L10n teams will update these langpacks as they progress with their l10n efforts. Users in that region (or users whose preferred language is found as a langpack instead of an official build) can download, install, and give feedback on the langpack’s linguistic quality all on the langpack’s AMO page. Here’s a list of all of the current localizations distributed as langpacks.

Official localized builds of Firefox desktop can be found here. These localizations have been technically evaluated by passing rigorous technical reviews. Although they’re on the rapid release train, these Mozilla l10n teams still benefit greatly from receiving feedback from their users. The best way users can provide feedback on a localization’s linguistic quality is to download and install the localized Firefox Aurora build and begin using it as their default browser. As users see translation errors they can log them in Firefox Input, located in the toolbar under Help > Submit Feedback. The Mozilla l10n team responsible for that localization can see their users’ feedback and then make corrections as needed.

Giving feedback is simple and can take as little time as 1-3 minutes to do. If you haven’t already downloaded and installed your language’s Firefox Aurora build or langpack, go for it! Your Mozilla l10n team will be grateful for your help.

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  1. Jesper Kristensen wrote on :

    You mention one feedback channel, Firefox Input (which by the way is located under Help > Submit Feedback, not Tools > Input). How does the l10n drivers ensure that whatever users have submitted through this channel gets delivered to the localization teams? I have never received information from Firefox Input, but maybe that is just because no user has submitted any feedback for my locale using this channel yet?


    1. Jeff Beatty wrote on :

      Thank you for pointing that out. I think that some localized builds do have it located under Tools (my ES version does), but all builds have it under Help > Submit Feedback. I’ve updated the blog post to reflect this. This perhaps needs to be more widely publicized to l10n teams, but anyone can visit, sort by product, version, and locale and see user feedback. For Danish, for example, you can see that there has been some feedback, but nothing directly related to l10n (


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