L10n team in Brussels

We have had a very exciting week! Last week we had the privilege of traveling to Brussels for a team work week and the FOSDEM 2012 conference. We discussed both mozilla L10n’s successes and challenges for this upcoming year. Among many topics, we discussed the destiny of L10n tools, the future of this blog, the World Ready program, and the new mozilla locales. You can expect to hear more about each of these topics in future blog posts.

We even had the honor to present some of the latest tools developments in a presentation at FOSDEM (a video of that presentation is forthcoming). The two developments that we demoed at FOSDEM were Pontoon (which you can demo here) and the L20n project (* which you learn about here). Everyone seemed very impressed with the demos. It’s clear that the advances we’re making in mozilla L10n are astounding and everyone seems to know it!

* Special thanks to Stas for the linked screencast on L20n!

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