Awesome L10n contributor: Mauricio Navarro Miranda

Part of a series similar to the Awesome L10n Communities series where individual contributors are spotlighted for their efforts.

Mauricio Navarro Miranda (mautematico)


Started with Mozilla project: August 2010
Nationality: Mexico
Languages: Spanish & English
Background: IT, Mathematics, and Physics champion
Role in L10n community: Localization Manager

How did you get started with the Mozilla project?

In Mexico, there’s a Webmaster forum (ForoBeta) that I follow. One day someone advertised that they needed help with localizing Firefox 4. So I signed up. I started with testing Firefox 4 beta. I found and reported some bugs and also began helping localize strings. After Firefox 4 released, I was told that I’d receive a Firefox 4 release tee shirt. When the tee arrived, Roberto Varado, who was the L10n manager for Mozilla Mexico at the time, asked me to take his place.

What tips or tricks do you use for overcoming blocks and bugs in your L10n work?

First, I jump up and run around in circles. If that doesn’t solve the problem…just kidding, of course! I pay very close attention to all of the dashboards, because they compile all of my localization’s bugs and notify me when there are new ones. It’s super important to be humble, stay calm, and make backups to revert your work and erase bugs that you’ve created.

How do you help your team find new L10n contributors?

I think that those who visit Mozilla Mexico’s website learn/know that they can get involved and that we need help and all of the necessary contact info is there. Once I’m contacted, I give them an example of the work we do and real expectation of what’s involved. I feel like it’s important to explain that this is volunteer work and can be quite involved.

What’s your method on mentoring new contributors?

I try to start them off on small projects and move them to bigger. For example, I give them translation tasks that require a short amount of time to complete. Right now I’m taking that approach with a few of new contributors and it’s working well.

What projects are you most looking forward to working on this year?

Boot2Gecko! However, my excitement for Boot2Gecko doesn’t detract from my excitement for Firefox. They’re pretty much on the same level.

Some things you may not know about me:

1) I’m only 18!
2) I’ve won several Mathematics competitions (hence the IRC nick, mautematico).
3) I’ve begun to compete in Physics competitions.

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  1. Fitoschido wrote on :

    I hope the level of quality of es_MX locale improve. Right now, it’s a disaster.


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