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New localizations coming to Firefox

We’re happy to announce that we’re adding some new localizations to
Firefox with the next few releases.

Vannak Eng and the Khmer (km) team have been working tirelessly to produce the world’s first ever Khmer version of Firefox for the people of Cambodia. Khmer, the official language of Cambodia, is spoken by more than 15 million people around the world, including Vietnam, Thailand, United States, France, and Australia. Thanks to the Khmer team, 15 million native Khmer speakers can now enjoy the option to browse the Web with Firefox 13. Congratulations to the Khmer L10n team!

We also want to extend congratulations to the Fulah (ff) team! Their localization efforts have successfully led to a Fulah Firefox build for the Beta channel. The Fulah beta build will be released with Firefox 14. Native Fulah speakers (approximately 13 million speakers spread throughout 20 African nations) can download and help test their localized build here.

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  1. Moussa wrote on

    Please correct this: 13 million from Wikipedia is inaccurate! In Nigeria alone there are 10 million, Guinea 5 million, Senegal, 4 million… Acutally it is near 28-32 million!


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