Documenting how to localize Gaia

Everyone is eager to get their hands on Firefox OS in their own language. Since Firefox OS will land in the Brazilian market first, localization is a very high priority. Some l10n teams have already hit the ground running with localizing Gaia. If you take a look at the Firefox OS project on Pootle, you’ll see that Fulah, Scottish Gaelic, and Welsh are already at 100% complete!

Of course we don’t want to stop there; we want everyone to be able to localize Gaia! But where do you start? What tool do you use? How can you test your work in Gaia? Those are the questions that we’re working on answering. In the next few months, we’ll be working on adapting the existing documentation to a wider audience and to our l10n documentation information model. We’ll also be updating it’s content. With this in place, anyone will be able to come in and localize Gaia into their own language!

If you have or are currently localizing Gaia and have already experimented with answering these questions, please get in touch with me (jbeatty [at] mozilla [dot] org) and I’ll be sure to add your experience and learning to the new Gaia l10n documentation.


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