End of year Bugzilla housekeeping

During last week. Flod had a glimpse of how messy the Mozilla Localizations product is in terms of pending bugs: 3 years old open bugs with no activity, fixed bugs still marked as NEW, etc.

Imagine a component in Bugzilla as a garden: right now Mozilla Localizations resembles an abandoned garden. With wandering zombies in it 🙂

How can we improve this situation? I’m not sure if some of these features are available to all users, if not please let me know.
Follow your locale
If you’re not doing it already, start following your own locale on Bugzilla and try to keep it as clean as possible. Every time someone opens a bug in this component, you’ll receive a bugmail.

  1. Login to BugZilla with your account and go to Preferences->Component watching (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/userprefs.cgi?tab=component_watch).
  2. Select Product “Mozilla Localizations”.
  3. Click on your locale in the “Component” section.
  4. Click Add.
Resolve bugs
If a bug is resolved, it should be marked as RESOLVED FIXED, then verified on the next build and marked as VERIFIED FIXED. Don’t leave open bugs around (remember zombies?).

Check pending bugs
You can also perform a search for open bugs in your locales and save it:

  1. Do an Advanced search on Mozilla Localizations -> Your locale  for bugs with Resolution “—“.
  2. When results are displayed you’ll see a “Remember search” button at the bottom of the page, give it a name (e.g. “Italian bugs”).
  3. From now on you’ll see a link in the footer of all Bugzilla pages to perform the same search.

Clear review and needinfo requests
If someone falgs you for a review, or set a NEEDINFO for you, you should try to clear these requests.

  1. Reviews: click on the review link in the attachment section, chose “+” if the patch is good, “-” if is not, ” ” (blank) to reset the request if you shouldn’t be reviewing the patch.
  2. Needinfos: when you reply, below the comment you’ll see a checkbox, already checked, saying “I am providing the requested information for YOURACCOUNT (clears the needinfo request).”. If you’re providing the information requested, leave it checked and comment.
When you login to Bugzilla, you should see a red circle with a white number near the title Bugzilla@Mozilla. Behind these requests there are people, so be kind to them and reply 😉

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