Virtual, global l10n sprint for Northern Spring Release

Hi localizers!

Thank you for all of your work to make the Northern Spring Release a success. Because the timeframe was so brief for localizing 38 in Aurora, we’re asking that you continue to focus your efforts on making 38 a great release while it’s in Beta. The marketing and publicity that will be used to promote this release will be critical to gaining more users across all locales and platforms. To best serve Mozilla users at this important time, we need to be sure that they receive the best the community can offer in localized products.

That being said, I’m excited to announce that we’re trying something new and different than what we’ve done before. On 8 April, we will be holding a virtual global localization sprint for the Northern Spring Release! We feel that the opportunity for user growth provided by the Northern Spring Release creates an exception to the preferred way of localizing these projects and requires this rare event. I use the term “sprint” specifically because we are hoping to cover a lot of l10n work within a short, 24-hour period of time in Beta (essentially, we’re sprinting to cover a lot of ground, fast). Here’s what will be involved:

– Unify the global l10n community virtually for 24 hours in order to complete l10n work associated with the Northern Spring Release (Fx38, fennec38, fx-ios, marketing, fxOS2.2, marketplace).

How it will happen:
–  A few l10n-drivers will clear their schedules throughout the day on 8 April starting at 12AM UTC. Each will work exclusively to support those participating in the sprint by answering questions, helping with testing, performing sign-offs, and even jumping in to translate where you feel it would be helpful.
– We have created the localization channel in vidyo just for this event ( and will hold most of the discussions there and in #l10n.
– There is no schedule of sessions or topics; this will be simply the largest online gathering of localizers around the globe intent on translating Mozilla projects for the Northern Spring Release.
– We’ll publicize the sprint on social media using the hashtag #mozl10n.
– While the sprint will be going on during those 24 hours, no one is expected to stay for the full 24 hours. We’re simply asking that you plan to spend time with us that day translating together.

Please join us on 8 April for this rare event for the Northern Spring Release! And please forward this email along to all members of your l10n team.

Please also let us know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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