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Localize Firefox 38: Northern Spring and ESR!

Firefox 38 is now string frozen. On March 30th, we’ll migrate 38 to
beta, which gives you a week and a half to get the translation work into
a great state.

This is one of our two big releases this year, and it’s the ESR, so it’s
going to be around for a while.

We ended up with a good 300 strings for 38; they’re split across:

  • Reader View and Reading List
  • Hello (tab sharing for example)
  • Developer Tools

Upcoming schedule for 38 and the northern-spring release:

  • March 30: Migrate from aurora to beta
  • April 6: Marketing material string freeze (including content for
  • April 30: last chance to get changes in on beta
  • May 12: Release Firefox 38, and celebrate

We’ve been talking to Dwayne about opening up 38 on Beta on locamotion,
and giving you all the goodness there. He’ll follow up on that.

Thank you so much for your contributions and your patience.

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  1. Martin Jernberg wrote on

    Nice, done with iOS and Android Fennec for Swedish for the strings so far and we have done some for Desktop, might be away until after easter but will work as much as i have time too



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