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Change in Sign-Offs Process for Firefox and Firefox for Android

Message to all Mozilla localizers!

We have already announced this change in the blog post about l10n updates from MozLondon, but this topic deserves a thread of its own.

What is happening?
We are changing the way we are doing sign-offs. I REPEAT, we are changing the way we are doing SIGN-OFFS! 😉

What does it mean?
Basically, we are simplifying your life. In fact, you will not need to request sign-offs anymore.
We have realized that with time, this has become an unnecessary task that has lost its initial meaning. Sign offs, in the sense that we need to tell our system what translations go into a build, are still a technical necessity for the near future. Some of us l10n-drivers (Jeff, flod and I) will start managing the whole sign-off process allowing you to focus on your localizations.

How will it work?
The only thing that changes in your usual workflow is that you no longer need to request sign-offs. Essentially, as long as there’s a good, clean changeset, we will sign-off on it. From now on (we’ve already started), the designated l10n-drivers will perform sign-off reviews on all new changesets a few times a week. This will be the case on mozilla-aurora and mozilla-beta channels (Firefox Desktop and Firefox for Android). We will determine if the changeset is technically correct and will not break anything. You might also receive emails from us with notes about the string changes in case we find any issues.

We hope that this will result in shipping more good l10n updates to users. We consider that getting a localization update to a product – even if not complete – is better than no updates at all. True to our new motto “Simplicity and Opportunity”, we also believe this will simplify things on your side, and is a total win-win situation.

As usual, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about this. Feedback as you know is welcome as well.

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  1. Museb khan wrote on

    i;m working on localization in urdu so what we can to contribute in this awesome feature???


    1. Francesco Lodolo [:flod] wrote on

      The good thing is that you don’t need to do anything for this: it’s one less task you need to think about as a localizer, simply keep doing a great job in catching up with the localization and testing it.

      Since Urdu is currently not shipping, as soon as it reaches a good level of completeness it’s going to be reviewed and signed-off by l10n-drivers. I hope to see that happen very soon, it would be great to have another active and up-to-date RTL language.


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