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Firefox L10n Report – Aurora 49

Starting from this cycle I’ll be in charge of sending the l10n report. I’ll also try something different, pointing out relevant changes in the last cycle, and some common issues found during the sign-off review process. The result will be a longer report, but I hope you will find it useful as well.

Here’s an outline of what is currently in Aurora this cycle for Firefox 49, and some information on the accomplishments of the l10n Community during the previous cycle.

Current Aurora Cycle – Firefox 49

Key dates for this cycle:

  • Beta (48): sign offs for already shipping locales must be completed before 20 July. For reference, the date is roughly 2 weeks before the next release date, and it’s the last good day to include your updates into a Beta build.
  • Aurora (49): sign offs must be completed before 1 August.

String statistics:

  • Firefox Aurora desktop has 179 added strings (125 obsolete). About 36% of the new strings are for Developer Tools.
  • Fennec Aurora has 78 new strings (56 obsolete). 19 new strings are Fennec-only (in /mobile).

There are currently no pending requests to uplift patches with strings to Aurora, even if bug 1134073 might request it in the next days (that would mean one added string for DevTools).

For further details on the new features you can check the release notes (they’re usually published a few days after release):

Current Release Cycle (Firefox 47)

Noteworthy events for Firefox 47 (release date: 7 Jun):

  • 61 locales, corresponding to 67% of our shipping locales, signed off updates for Firefox 47 on desktop. This is a decrease in locale coverage from the previous release (69 signed off locales).
  • 53 locales, corresponding to 74% of our shipping locales, signed off updates for Fennec 47 on Android. This is an decrease in locale coverage from the previous release (57 signed off locales).

Noteworthy Changes Available in Aurora

These are some of the interesting changes introduced in the last cycle. Note that you will need Firefox Developer Edition 49 to test them, and the build is usually available a few days after merge day.


Browser: there’s a new dialog displayed to users to reset search preferences. You can test it by opening about:searchreset.

Preferences: English changed the size of the Do Not Track dialog, you should check it after translating the new string (Privacy panel, “manage your Do Not Track settings“ link). Ignore the changed accesskey in this specific changeset, ID has been changed in a following commit.


Team is starting to use a new way to define keyboard shortcuts (not accesskeys), adopting a syntax similar to Electron. You can see an example in this changeset,

You should not translate fragments like CmdOrCtrl, CmdOrCtrl+Plus (Plus indicates the + key), CmdOrCtrl+Shift+D. Also a reminder that you should not be changing shortcuts in general, unlike accesskeys, unless the default keyboard layout for your locale doesn’t include that specific key, or combination of keys.


A few menu items changed capitalization as part of bug 893836. You should update your localization if you’re following the same rules as English, otherwise you can simply ignore the change and keep your existing translations.

Common Issues

The fragment “Error code:” inside these strings should be localized, while NS_ERROR_NET_INADEQUATE_SECURITY should not. It’s easy to miss the localizable piece, given the amount of HTML code in the string.

Data saver” in mobile. In this case “saving data” means “consuming less data”, not “save” as in “save a file”. Thanks to Eduardo Trápani for spotting it and filing a few bugs (a localization note was added in this cycle too).

For locales working on Pootle: always check strings before accepting a suggestion from translation memory. Several locales introduced an unwanted & in cmd.removeFile.label.

Don’t translate, unless your National Registration Authority provides an equivalent domain created for the same purpose. More details in this discussion on dev-l10n.

Thanks to everyone for your dedication and hard work this last cycle. If you note anything missing in these reports, or would like to see other information included, please let me know.

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